Apprenticeships offer excellent on-the-job training

Considering an apprenticeship?

Securing an apprenticeship with a leading organisation means you'll receive an impressive start for your working life. A professional, well-structured training programme with designated support is crucial. Research and choose from these well-regarded apprenticeship programmes with leading employers - and enjoy a successful start to your career.

Celebrating apprenticeships

Where Women Work supports celebrates prime employers for women who provide apprenticeships and a key moment each year is National Apprenticeship Week in the UK that actively encourages more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career. The theme for the #NAW2018 was 'Apprenticeships Work'. Around the world Where Women Work supports many key campaigns aimed at increasing the number of women and girls considering and undertaking apprenticeships.

Prime employers offering apprenticeships

Secure your dream job with a prime employer for women and enjoy a rewarding career.

Latest apprenticeship opportunities available

Apprenticeships offer a world of opportunity

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