Siemens Healthineers Alberta Okundaye understands equity

Siemens Healthineers Alberta Okundaye understands equity

 September 21, 2023

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Alberta Okundaye is a Research & Development (R&D) expert at Siemens Healthineers who believes that equity is more than creating equal opportunities for everyone. 

At Siemens Healthineers, Alberta is leading the way in embracing equity in healthcare and beyond. Passionate about her work, Alberta has made significant contributions within her field. 

Encouraging people to embrace opportunities

Alberta grew up as Nigerian-American. When she emigrated to the United States, Alberta had to learn and adjust to a new school system and to a society whose culture was very different. This truly impacted her ability to excel, but successfully studied psychology and biology.

Today, Alberta leads the Global R&D Productivity & Innovations department in the Point of Care business area at Siemens Healthineers. 

"There are people who, based on life experiences, are not likely to take on these available opportunities. People who need to be coached, encouraged, and directed on a personal level," explains Alberta.

Helping young people pursue STEM careers

For Alberta, equity is about understanding and hearing the individual whose preconditions are unique. Alberta wants to give people a chance to grow without being limited by their gender, cultural background, or life experiences. This is why Alberta also serves as the director for the Scholars and Sisters in STEM program at Siemens Healthineers. Through coaching and mentoring, the program encourages middle school and high school students from under-served and under-represented communities to pursue careers in STEM.

Alberta even used her passion as an outdoor athlete to help young kids during the Covid-19 pandemic by taking them on hiking tours and coaching them along the way.

Understanding individual needs and experiences 

Understanding every individual’s value system, their needs, unique experiences, and personality is what equity is all about for Alberta. “Only then you will be able to truly propel a person, and celebrate their successes, no matter how small," adds Alberta.

Be part of a workplace that embraces equity 

Through Alberta's work and further employees across the world, Siemens Healthineers strives to build a workplace that embraces diversity and promotes gender equality within the company and beyond.

Countless colleagues are also working to create products and services that are designed to improve healthcare access and outcomes for all people, regardless of their background or life experiences. 

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