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Meet Entain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Associate Gosia Kleczaj

Meet Entain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Associate Gosia Kleczaj

 June 27, 2024

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Sports betting and gaming are changing, and Entain is a leading player in that change with such a wide variety of exciting jobs on offer. The company always puts people first - by placing exciting, engaging, and entertaining experiences at more fingertips than ever before. Entain is pulling into pole position by pushing boundaries further - with innovation, technology, and most importantly with a very talented workforce - so it's a fabulous time to check out the many career opportunities with this progressive employer.

One of the company's people, Gosia Kleczaj describes her career journey with Entain and encourages more women to consider applying for the many exciting pathways the company has on offer. 

A passion for people and performance

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As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Associate, Gosia Kleczaj is responsible for delivering Entain's global DE&I strategy to attract, engage and retain best talent.

"We want all our people to feel valued and respected for who they are, feel that they belong and get to do their best work. We work closely with local HR teams across Entain who support us in understanding local culture and needs and ensure that our global DE&I framework is delivered with cultural sensitivity in every location," explains Gosia.

A long-term employee, Gosia has been working for Entain for almost 20 years. "I am often called a dinosaur which makes me smile a lot," laughs Gosia. "In reality, I've had amazing opportunities to develop professionally at Entain. I've had the pleasure of working closely with many great leaders and mentors, and to grow alongside them."

Actively supported and motivated to pursue key goals

Gosia feels that she has always been supported and motivated to pursue her own goals. She started working in Entain's Customer Service Operations department, then moved to a Digital Marketing area that focused on the company's hospitality strategy. "Since HR has always been my key area of interest and passion, I've had no doubts trying my chances when opportunities have arrived, and so I started my HR partnering role for Iberia & the Latin America (LATAM) regions. "With our team, we've always paid a lot of attention to DE&I and have delivered many local activities to improve our inclusive culture,"says Gosia. "This part of my job has always been a special place in my heart and so I therefore decided to apply for the dedicated DE&I global role. And in January this year, I joined this remarkable team. It's the beginning of a very passionate journey for me, and I am so very excited about what's coming up, and I'm really hoping that every day we can make Entain even a better place to work."

A dynamic and challenging work environment

ENTAIN Gosia Kleczaj gaming

What Gosia says she enjoys most about working for Entain is the company's very dynamic environment.

"There's always a challenge involved in everything we do and it makes us continuously learn and grow, not only as professionals, but also as people in general," explains Gosia.

"Entain's people are motivated and always up for the challenge with a real bring-it-on type attitude. We work together, but we also have fun together. And we always support each other, making sure that no one is ever left behind. I have benefitted from the privilege of working with some great leaders who have not only made time to coach me professionally, but who have also supported and truly understood me, the true person behind the job. It's not always easy and there have been many difficult and stressful moments, but knowing that you're not alone and that you can face challenges as a team, certainly makes a huge difference and provides enormous satisfaction when the objectives are achieved."

Being flexible and open to changes

Gosia suggests for further women who are perhaps considering applying for a role at Entain that, at the company people need to feel comfortable with the challenge, and be flexible and open to changes. "Even if sometimes it's not easy, it makes our jobs entertaining and provides us with multiple opportunities to grow and learn," she suggests.

Being open to opportunities is key

When asked about an important piece of career advice she has received, Gosia offers that you should never give up on professional dreams or goals. 

"Sometimes life can take you through a longer and more complicated path, but often it also puts you in front of some very unexpected opportunities. Plus, we shouldn't be afraid to openly share with a line manager or a leader our professional aspirations and let ourselves be guided by always being open to trying our chances."

Remaining active and enjoying great balance 

So when Gosia is not working, how does she prefer to spend her well-deserved downtime?

"I love to travel and hang around with local people and dive into their culture," she says. "I love skiing, and in fact the Dolomites of Italy are my little paradise. I also enjoy hiking, and I'm currently crossing the Pyrenees in various stages. Overall, it's the little things in life that I most enjoy, like cooking with my partner while sipping good wine and listening to relaxing music. I enjoy having a walk through the city and stopping by small local shops or grabbing a coffee or two, or chatting with the bartender, or reading a book and just observing people passing by. Many simple, but so enjoyable habits, all while planning my next personal and professional adventures."

Looking for a thriving career with supportive teams?

Entain works to ensure everyone at the company feels valued, respected and included. They're a team who love to play, and win, together.

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