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DHL. Logistics for the connected age

When the founders started DHL in 1969, they didn’t know they would revolutionize the world of logistics. Over 500,000 professionals working with them in over 220 countries and territories are the ones who help you cross borders, reach new markets, and grow your business. Or simply send a letter to your loved ones.

Yes, DHL gets things from A to B, but they also make logistics happen. The passion and positive attitude of the employees allow the company to deliver world-class services and solutions through its divisions: Post & Parcel Germany - DHL Express - DHL Global Forwarding, Freight - DHL Supply Chain - DHL eCommerce Solutions.

The company’s freight forwarders have shipped from black grizzly bears to enormous waste heat boilers, from the statue of Nelson Mandela now displayed at the UN Headquarters building to king crabs straight from the sea to a kitchen table on the other side of the world. Regardless of your job description and role at DHL, the company appreciates and understands that the employees are the backbone of its global brand.

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A committed team

As a global company, DHL values the diversity of its employees as a genuine strength. The organization brings together people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds – all with different skills, experiences, and viewpoints. 

The culture and diversity of the company are built on the two 'Rs' - Respect and Results. They value the employees, provide them with opportunities to achieve, and together this produces results. 

‘Women at DHL’ is a global initiative supporting the company’s goal to bring a greater number of women into leadership positions and to build a strong community of women bringing along allies to take an active part in building a balanced workplace.

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A responsible company

Besides just doing your day to day work, DHL ensures that your outlook on the world will change. You will undoubtedly feel a sense of responsibility for the planet and the living beings on it. Company concerns go far beyond the people who work for them. This is why they support initiatives impacting the environment and society.

GoGreen, GoHelp, and GoTeach are just three programs that demonstrate the commitment to their corporate social responsibility and ultimately, the planet. They are aimed at reducing human impact on the environment, helping people through disaster response, and providing better education. 

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A growth-oriented company

DHL understands that as an employee you deserve to achieve your professional goals. The company ensures employee engagement and satisfaction by providing diverse opportunities for you to grow professionally and as an individual!

The roles within DHL are as diverse as the people who perform them. Many of the employees spend their careers in various roles - You might join as an apprentice then work their way up through Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Industrial Projects, or any of the functions and sectors – across 100 countries.

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Think ahead

The future belongs to those who take what they have learned from today to build a better tomorrow.

DHL strives to have an impact on the world of logistics - so they encourage their employees to create and drive their ideas. 

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