Colts Dolores Currie gives back to her company and community

Colt's Dolores Currie gives back to her company and community

 October 27, 2022

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Employees can find a sense of personal fulfillment when their companies empower them to give back to individuals and the community.

Beyond her day-to-day work at ColtDolores Currie is also a company dedicated ambassador and charity chairwoman.

Striking a balance by giving back

As a Colt ambassador, Dolores works to identify ways the company can improve the lives of employees. Meanwhile, doing charity work keeps Dolores grounded in the knowledge that there are important things beyond her work in the tech industry.

Part of Dolores' charity work is with the Brandon Centre, which offers psychotherapy to young people in London.

"It's about giving back. It's about working with the community," she says. "I think you need balance, and for me that's the balance between doing something for my community and doing something for my company."

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