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 November 27, 2023

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Looking to embark on a great career with Colt Technology Services?

Colt's people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises, supporting their colleagues to do an exceptional job. They like to tell it like it is, they are not creatures of habit, but instead are hungry to learn more about Colt's customers and its business.

This is reflected in how and where Colt works, as the company offers a creative working environment for its employees across Europe, Asia and the US.

Colt's UK office, and global headquarters for Colt, is situated in Shoreditch in London, England, which ties in with Colt's exciting and vibrant culture.

Situated in London’s creative tech heart

"The London office is much more centered around a kind of up-and-coming technology company feel," commented Colt Customer Experience Improvement Manager, Rachel Meadows. "I think now being in Shoreditch definitely lends to that that feeling of more of a start-up technology company, rather than maybe the old telecoms company."

A further employee said:"To come here into Colt house and have the hub as a facility, to be able to meet customers and just give them that slight wow factor when they walk in, it's phenomenal."

London-headquartered but globally connected

Colt's London office has the feel of a start-up shaking up the telecommunications industry and the collaborative environment plays a huge part in the energy and ideas that come from Colt's network of people. As such, Colt offers a wide variety of jobs, where employees can make a real impact. Not only in London, but throug Colt careers across many countries.

"It's a pretty relaxed environment here. For anyone who comes in, or is lucky enough to come in, or even just walk past the office, you can see this. There's table tennis downstairs, there's pool, there's a nice breakout area, which is a really nice touch," added a further employee.

"The London office is a very friendly office. Companies put a lot of effort into having different places to collaborate, places to relax and places to work quietly, so it's got a nice mix to it," commented Colt Lawyer, Nadine Ramasamy.

Colt is an international provider of telecommunication services and supports enterprises and global companies with their data connectivity needs. It is focused on providing reliable, secure, and high bandwidth services to its customers, so that they can focus on their day-to-day business and leave the technology aspect in terms of connectivity to Colt. Join them.

Join Colt and help connect the digital society

With a global reach but a deep local presence, Colt is big enough to deliver and small enough to care.

Discover the exciting career opportunities available with Colt.


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