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Tyro named Best Payment Services Bank

Tyro named Best Payment Services Bank

 September 24, 2018

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Tyro, Australia's leading fintech company, was awarded the Best Payment Services Bank in the Australian Business Banking Award 2018.

Since day product design and innovation has been at the core of Tyro's business.

The company is committed to providing services that make the lives of their merchants and SMEs easier.

From their Tyro APP that simplifies business banking to their first-to-market Tap & Save EFTPOS feature, everything they do keeps their customers and Australia’s small and medium businesses in mind.

This is why they could not be prouder to announce that we have been awarded the Australian Business Banking Award 2018 for the Best Payment Services Bank.

Pioneering transformation

Bronwyn Yam, Director of Product at Tyro Payments commented: “Being a small player in the market, winning the Best Payment Services Bank is an honour for Tyro amongst well-recognised players. We thank the Australian businesses who have chosen Tyro as their partner for their support. This award shows that our dedication to make their lives easier every day and having their interests at the core of everything we do has not gone unnoticed.”

This recognition only motivates Tyro to keep improving. The teams at Tyro are steadily working on the next generation of EFTPOS and Payment products, ensuring that their future services will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and customer usability.

An innovation-focused workforce

And dedication comes from the hearts of Tyro's employees who are very passionate and committed to Tyro's growth, and most importantly, who share the company's vision for innovation.

“I found everything about Tyro exciting, the concept and technology, the people involved, the potential of a new form of banking that talks directly to their customers,” says non-Executive Director Catherine Harris.

"The opportunity to create and build an HR function from the ground up for a growing company like Tyro, one with such a strong employment brand in the market and employing a group of such talented people, is a role that many HR professionals dream of. As such, when this opportunity arose, it was one that I jumped at with keen interest and gusto. I feel a strong sense of responsibility and passion for playing a part in helping to build Australia’s business bank that exists to help small to medium businesses in achieving their version of success," comments Yvette Mandanas, Director of HR.

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