Meet Nottingham Trent University Business Professor Mollie Painter

Meet Nottingham Trent University Business Professor Mollie Painter

 December 04, 2018

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Mollie Painter is a Professor of Ethics and Organisation at Nottingham Trent University's Business School. She is grateful that Nottingham Trent University allowed her to maintain her 'uniqueness' and is fortunate to have made the Business School her academic home.

"This place has such a special chemistry and the reason for that is that it allows you to remain unique," says Mollie.

Challenging current ideas...

Mollie is a philosopher by training. According to Mollie, that means she aims to be slightly controversial sometimes, but Nottingham Trent University has given her the space to do this.

"Challenge ideas, come up with strange concepts and coin them and this business school allowed me to do that," adds Mollie. "The Philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, said that: 'We don’t even know what a body can do'." 

...And trying out new ones

At Nottingham Trent University, Mollie got to try it out. She was able to experiment with some of her ideas and convince the dean the need to build a research centre around it. Mollie's ideas, and Nottingham Trent University's accommodation of them, became the responsible and sustainable business lab. In this lab, Mollie and her team challenge businesses models, comes up with creative solutions to building sustainability into business and experiment with new leadership models. 

"Now, that means that I got to do something quite impactful and something quite unique. I was given the space and resources and time to do so," adds Mollie. "That is what makes this a special place, a place to remain you while making an impact at the same time."

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