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MetLife, Amazon and Northrop Grumman honored by Forbes

MetLife, Amazon and Northrop Grumman honored by Forbes

 January 02, 2019

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MetLife, Amazon and Northrop Grumman have been recognised by Forbes and Just Capital as one of America's most just companies.

"To our employees globally, thank you for always striving to strengthen the communities where we work," says MetLife. 

Impressive recognition

Forbes partnered with Just Capital, an independent research nonprofit that tracks and drives more just corporate behavior, and asked over 80,000 Americans what they expect from large companies.

The responses? Fair pay; good treatment of customers and protection of their privacy; good quality products; minimal environmental impact; good corporate social responsibility to the communities within which they operate; ethical and diverse leadership; and the creation of new job opportunities.

Using these priorities, Forbes then ranked 890 of America's large companies to draw up a list of America's 100 most just companies, which include Amazon, MetLife and Northrop Grumman at positions 30, 60 and 62 respectively.

"These are the 100 companies that are taking the public interest into their own hands and generating better returns for themselves and society in the process," says Forbes.

Join one of America's most just companies

At MetLife, Amazon and Northrop Grumman, treating every employee fairly and equally is their top priority. With exciting new opportunities for female talent, there's never been a better time to apply for jobs at MetLife, Amazon and Northrop Grumman.

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