Helen Sannicolo is a Marcom Director for Schneider Electric

Helen Sannicolo is a Marcom Director for Schneider Electric

 January 03, 2019

Helena Sannicolo works as Marcom Director for Northern Europe at Schneider Electric. Helen shares what helped her to succeed in professional life and develop her career from Marketing Manager in Sweden to a zone director.

Learning about business from an early age

Business mindset has been an important part of Helen's life ever since she was a young child growing up with her family. Helen's parents owned a gasoline station, a grocery store and a small hamburger restaurant. Helen worked at the gasoline station from the age of thirteen during weekends and school breaks.

For Helen, it took a while before the buzzword “customer journeys” came about. Through Helen's job experience she learned a lot about the importance of tackling customer problems. It was an essential part of Helen's life at that time and it gave her a firm foundation to understand sales and marketing processes.

"I have always had the mindset to “act like an owner”, it empowers me and helps me to make decisions," says Helen.

Since a young age Helen has been passionate about learning more about different businesses – both private and public companies. After working with strong brands like Löfbergs Lila, Babybjörn, Gant, BASF and Apple she has come to the conclusion that sales and marketing are almost always the same thing.

"Customer knowledge, thinking outside the box, and using experience from unexpected areas are the keys to success," adds Helen.

Wanting to make a difference in the world

Helen has always wanted to make a positive impact on the world. However, she didn't know how important this was to her until she began working in energy. Schneider Electric believes in access to energy as a basic human right, and so does Helen.

"I had never imagined myself working for a company like Schneider, but here I was. The importance of driving the transformation for a more sustainable world, IoT and the way Schneider is handling the processes makes me proud," says Helen.

Helen began her career with Schneider Electric as a Marketing Manager for Retail in Sweden. In this position she worked with an amazing product managers team and worked closely with Schneider Electric customers to provide them with the best products and solutions for their residential needs.

Recently, Helen has been working for the Global Marketing department. She is responsible for marketing communication across the Northern Europe zone.

"This role has been an incredible journey, and has allowed me to build the best team for deploying our promises to the market," says Helen.

Women in the energy sector

As digitisation opens new doors, it’s a great time for women to rethink careers in energy sector, in the same way Helen has.

"I have now been with Schneider for 5 years, and have enjoyed every moment of my journey," adds Helen. "I’m so proud of our company values, the way we empower our teams, and making meaningful contribution while learning new things."

Join talented women like Helen at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric appreciates what makes you you — your talent within talent. Schneider Electric is a dynamic, global company looking for passionate people to help it innovate at every level; champions of safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected energy for everyone.

Schneider Electric is keen for talented women to join them as one of their #SEGreatPeople.


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