Capgemini unveils Women in AI Awards winners

Capgemini unveils Women in AI Awards winners

 April 24, 2019

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Capgemini and the association Women in AI are celebrating the founders of European startups who have put Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the heart of their work through the Women in AI Awards.

The winners of the prestigious awards have been unveiled as follows:

The first prize goes to Camille Morvan, co-founder of Goshaba in France, a startup that created a sophisticated solution to automate the pre-qualification of job candidates by combining cognitive science, gaming and intelligent data (to assess experience, competence, personality). 

“I am delighted to have participated in the Women in AI Awards because it is the first initiative capable of building community momentum among women (and men) who are passionate about the challenges of technology and artificial intelligence. It enables us to open new perspectives for technically highly skilled profiles by showing them that their know-how is valued in business and that they can have a real impact on the world,” says Camille.

The second prize goes to Priya Lakhani OBE, founder of Century Tech in the UK, a teaching and learning platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to adapt learning styles to students and provide assessment data to teachers. 

“This award is proof that a good idea, combined with a relentless determination, will set you up with the best possible chance at success. I want girls everywhere to see artificial intelligence as a field in which they can thrive,” says Priya.

The third prize goes to Francesca Fedeli, founder of Mirrorable in Italy, an interactive platform based on neuroscience research, that allows a unique model of home rehabilitation therapy designed to meet the needs of children who have suffered brain damage that has impacted their motor skills.

“I believe that a major problem in AI is the cognitive bias of those who are developing software: if diversity is not in our agenda, neither is ethics. That’s why I believe we should achieve more balance in gender diversity, for AI’s own sake,” says Francesca.

Awards celebrating AI as the heart of digital transformation

“Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of digital transformation, but like many technological fields, it suffers from a low representation of women,” explains Anne-Laure Thieullent, AI and Analytics Group Offer Leader, Capgemini. “In an effort to support and promote gender diversity in the digital professions, Capgemini has created this prize to promote talented and inspiring women and to encourage young women to get involved in innovation projects.”

“There are many women out there who are already actively involved in AI but there is a lack of communication of their work. These awards help to show their great job to the world and to inspire more women to join this field. Our goal is to create strong female role models not only for women, but also for men to open their eyes to new opportunities,” adds Moojan Asghari, Co-founder of Women In AI.

A jury of digital experts rewarding innovative winners

More than sixty women founders or co-founders of a startup in Artificial Intelligence applied to the award scheme. The jury made up of experts specializing in Artificial Intelligence, made its selection based on the criteria of innovation, maturity and potential of the project. The members of the jury were: Moojan Asghari, co-founder of Women in AI and project manager, Sigfox; Charlotte Pierron-Perlès, Vice-President at Capgemini Invent; Armelle de Tinguy, Investment Manager, Elaia; and Barry O’Sullivan, academic and Artificial Intelligence expert at the European Commission.

The top 3 winners will be supported up by a dedicated acceleration program set up by Capgemini and will receive respectively: €5,000 in 1st place, €3,000 in 2nd place and €2,000 in 3rd place.

Join an employer which celebrates women in AI and beyond

Through ground-breaking initiatives like the Women in AI Awards and many more, Capgemini actively encourages and supports women.

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