From Spirax-Sarco Engineering apprentice to team leader

 January 07, 2020

From apprentice to Inspection Team Leader, Amanda has seen her career progress at Spirax-Sarco Engineering.

She shares her career journey and what her role looks like now at the engineering company.

A four-year apprenticeship with Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

Amanda's career started with a four-year apprenticeship with Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ after she left school at 16 in 1981.

"At the end of my apprenticeship, I became an Inspector verifying machine shop component quality. I left the company in 1992 to pursue other opportunities but I re-joined Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ in 2002, again as an Inspector," she explains.

"By this time the role had become much more varied, encompassing quality aspects throughout the manufacturing process including pre-production sampling, material certification & traceability, machined & assembled component verification and process capability."

Investing in new inspection technology

Amanda explains that in the last 14 years, Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ has invested in advanced pieces of inspection equipment including Co-Ordinate Measuring machines, Laser and Optical scanners and Surface Finish and Form measuring machines, new technology she now gets to use as Inspection Team Leader.

"My team are responsible for all aspects of Inspection and Calibration relating to Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ manufacturing based in Cheltenham. We help and support departments across the business, often we are called upon to assist with problem-solving tasks," she adds.

"During these instances, measurement and data-gathering are key to enable the delivery of robust solutions. My role is busy and varied, I particularly enjoy the technical demands it brings."

Progress your career at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ gives women like Amanda the support, resources and guidance they need to achieve career success.

If you want to progress your career, search and apply for a job at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​.


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