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F5s Lori MacVittie features in Intelligent CIO Europes Deep Dive

F5's Lori MacVittie features in Intelligent CIO Europe's Deep Dive

 September 23, 2020

Intelligent CIO Europe's Deep Dive series sees F5 Principal Technical Evangelist, Lori MacVittie, share her career journey and offering advice to others.

Supporting F5's vision and strategy

In the conversation, Lori detailed her career and why she chose to forge a career with F5. 

"I take very complex subjects and distill them into something people can understand," says Lori in the interview. "I started as a developer which was really fun, and then I moved into this publishing, testing role where we would test all sorts of technical equipment and then write about it."

"I ended up at F5 because I really liked their technology," she adds. "I moved around F5 [...] until I landed in the Office of the CTO to help with strategy, vision and thought leadership."

Offering advice to women in tech

From F5's Employee Resource Groups to its women leaders, to its STEM education grants, Lori MacVittie discusses how F5 actively supports women in cloud computing.

Lori also offers her own support in the form of specific career advice and encouragement.

"Be confident. You earned your place and you're right to be there. Don't let anyone take that away from you," she says to fellow women in tech.

Watch the full video here.

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