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"Never stop learning" says AECOM engineer, Puja Sapru

"Never stop learning" says AECOM engineer, Puja Sapru

 September 24, 2020

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Puja Sapru, a Senior Virtual Design Construction Engineer at AECOM, discusses the trends in building design that excite her most. She also offers her advice for those looking to forge a career in the architecture, engineering and construction sector. 

“Never stop learning,” says Puja as she discusses the legacy that she hopes to leave and what motivates her.

In her role at AECOM, Puja supports projects in Dallas, Texas - over the entire construction process from pursuit to construction, to the project close-out phase.

She manages and creates digital representations of the physical characteristics of buildings, testing new ways of building.

She works in an industry that evolves on a daily basis and feels proud when her work positively changes a project's outcome and she and her team deliver a lean project to the owner and community. "With the use of technology, sometimes the cost savings are huge and it is satisfying knowing I helped to do that," says Puja.

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