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F5 reflects on Ruth Bader Ginsburgs life and achievements

F5 reflects on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and achievements

 October 01, 2020

The passing of United States Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was a monumental moment across the world - and an opportunity that F5 Networks certainly felt compelled to reflect upon.

She tenaciously championed a decades-long battle in pursuit of women's rights, earning her the title of The Notorious RBG. Significant media coverage, social media activity and extensive imagery worldwide attest to her strength, courage and passion for all that is good and right.

"I dissent," was a marking identifier associated with Ruth Bader Ginsburg - or RBG as she was known. US Supreme Court justices almost always traditionally write "I respectfully dissent" when they break with the majority of their colleagues. RBG dropped the word 'respectfully' from her Bush v. Gore (2000) decision - a profoundly significant action.

F5 Connects Women Employee Inclusion Group Members honored RBG

F5 employees actively marked the passing of RBG and reflected on the many achievements of her life.

The F5 Connects Womxn Employee Inclusion Group hosted an inspiring event to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, remembering her contributions and impact on their way of life.

They reminisced about RBG's life and early career, struggles, and identified the unrelenting support from her husband who was her biggest ally, and her mother who was her inspiration.

The group shared their stories on how her achievements impacted their lives - especially around financial independence for women.

Members of the F5 Connects Women Employee Inclusion Group also created a vibrant word cloud (pictured above) about what RBG means to them - a powerful outcome to the day. The powerful word cloud signifies everything Ruth Bader Ginsberg was, and what the employees felt they could all aspire to be.

Members participated in a meaningful breakout room activity that saw them explore how they might work to break limiting mental barriers through strength and perseverance, having the courage to challenge as she did. They focused on wishlists for action - and discussed where they would like to see the biggest changes happen.

The Notorious RBG is no more, but her legacy continues and F5 wants all its employees to remember what made her such a strong force for womxn and gender equality - and for employees to draw inspiration from her in their everyday lives.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - picture image

An engaging moment for many F5ers

The event was truly powerful, engaging and inspiring many employees.

“Thank you for organizing this. It was a befitting tribute,” commented one F5 employee.

“RBG has impacted my life personally in ways that I always feel indebted and grateful for her efforts,” remarked another.

“I didn't know all the work she had done, and through her death I realized that she would have been a forceful role model for me. She still will be,” said a further F5 colleague.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life of challenge and her positive influence will indeed live on in F5.

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