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HCL Winspiration provides a platform for women leaders

HCL Winspiration provides a platform for women leaders

 February 08, 2021

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At HCL, technology and innovation are the key drivers in helping enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age while empowering workforces, enabling transformation across industries, and bringing positive change in the society at large.

Through its Winspiration series, a unique roundtable event, the company presents some of the world's gifted leaders who share their life lessons and its vision of technology for the future.

Participants have been recognized and awarded for their innovative use of technology to build enterprises of tomorrow, today. 

Arthur Filip, EVP at HCL Technologies and Stellar Tucker , EVP Corporate Development & Strategic Initiatives discussed leading with humanity. The key to meaningful leadership lies in humanity - it starts with principles of value, honesty, trust, and acceptance. And now more than ever, leaders need to provide guidance and comfort as the path ahead isn’t clear. Transform workplaces, culture, and outcomes by inspiring others to take the lead for a better world.

Enabling transformation across industries

In an episode of Winspiration series, a roundtable of women leaders, in conversation with Arthur Filip discussed how they empower their workforces to bring in positive changes in society while enabling transformation across industries.

Leaders included Annick Faes, Medical Devices for Europe CIO at Johnson & Johnson Medical; Edna Bickett, MBA, VP–IT at Performance Food Group; Gloria Romeo, SVP at HM Health Solutions; Kathy (Kruse) Murray, VP IT at Staples, and Lynda Pak, SVP at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. 

"The thing that's kind of bound the company together through this whole period of time is the culture is so strong," explained Arthur during the session, discussing how the real competitive advantage for any business is ‘people’. "Around the world, I think people will remember this time as a period where corporations either developed a real soul and actually started doing what they you know said they were going to do around things like sustainability in communities and people."

Inspiring future generations through virtual sessions

Over one hundred people attended a series of virtual sessions on Linkedin Live, where HCL provided a platform for these leaders to share their experiences, life lessons, and insights with their peers, aspiring leaders, and budding innovator.

This was a valuable opportunity for these leaders to be heard by the rest of the world and inspire future generations.

Pursuing innovation in technology 

HCL understands that, with a business world is riddled with disruptions and new possibilities, those that creatively blend technology for the future with business clearly take the lead.

HCL is privileged to be working with some of these individuals who are committed to the pursuit of innovation in technology for the future. 

Be it success mantras, life lessons, or what gave them the edge to win awards, you will hear it all directly from HCL's thought leaders at Winspiration.

Work for a company that drives innovation

From its Winspiration event to other events and initiatives, HCL is continuously driving innovation and pioneering new ideas - while empowering its employees to do so too through its concept of ideapreneurship.

Search and apply for job at HCL and be inspired to pioneer in your career.


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