Cloudera actively supports and invests in its employees

Cloudera actively supports and invests in its employees

 February 08, 2021

People are the heart of the Cloudera

This is why the company invests in creative, new ways to make every Cloudera employee, known as Clouderans, feel valued and appreciated.

Clouderans are superstars at work and at home, and burn-out is unhealthy for employees, their families, and the company. The company's plan is to adapt the Cloudera workplace culture to the new remote workstyle following COVID-19.

Here are some of Cloudera's initiatives geared toward supporting employees and reducing burn-out.

Pledging to be good colleagues 

Toward the start of our work-from-home t(WFH) enure, the company developed a Cloudera WFH Code [pictured above].

As a family and people first organisation, this Code was designed to help everyone at Cloudera rally around a common set of guidelines and rules that would help set the tone for WFH moving forward.

Stepping away from work to unplug

Cloudera designated certain days as “Unplug days,” when employees are given the day (or in some cases multiple days) off to step away from work and do something to make their lives easier. That might mean pursuing a hobby, volunteering, spending time with family, or simply lying in bed and watching movies all day.

With studies showing employees are working longer hours during this pandemic period, Cloudera needed to make sure that Clouderans know that not only is it okay to unplug, but that the company wants them to. 

Clouderans are making the most of their time. One inspiring stories is from a Singapore employee whose office participated in Mercy Relief’s Ground Zero virtual run challenge to raise money for local communities affected by natural disasters. Over an Unplug weekend, the team covered 55 km collectively and garnered $3,000 to donate to the cause.

Investing in diversity & inclusion efforts

Cloudera diversity inclusion

Given the world climate around racism and injustice, and the spotlight on inclusion shortcomings in tech, Cloudera has doubled down on its commitment to D&I initiatives. The company's new Chief Diversity Officer, Sarah Shin [pictured above], is making speedy progress implementing these initiatives and getting them out to Clouderans.

One of Sarah’s first initiatives was implementing Bias Busters workshops for 379 managers. These sessions shared tools and best practices our managers can use to identify and interrupt unconscious biases.

Cloudera also had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Mary Frances Berry, acclaimed activist, writer, lawyer, and professor, to discuss diversity in tech and Cloudera’s role in leading the way toward a more inclusive workforce.

Cloudera's Equality Committee had direct one-on-one time with Dr. Berry while its CEO, Rob Bearden, had a compelling discussion with her in a Cloudera Now virtual event as well as at a company Town Hall. 

Reinvigorating creativity through company initiatives

Whether it’s through the free virtual Medicine for the Soul Yoga memberships Cloudera is providing, its new virtual cooking class program, or the meeting-free days the company offers each week, Cloudera is committed to helping Clouderans spark creativity. Every employees can de-stress, find motivation, and thrive in different environments. The ability to choose is what’s most important. Plus, many of them will pick up a new hobby in the process.

Keeping employees connected to the company and each other

Cloudera launched a new weekly e-newsletter, Thriving Together, to keep employees connected to the company and each other. Each issue features a Q&A with a Clouderan, highlights virtual events, links to employee (and world) news, shares work from home tips and articles and offers some levity for the workweek. One section includes Cool Things Clouderans Are Up To where employees can learn about the creative ways they are connecting with each other while apart.

The company also launched a monthly manager newsletter. It keeps leaders up-to-date on company initiatives and shares ways to support their team – and themselves – while everyone learns how to navigate this 100% remote work world.

Cloudera is also extraordinarily active on Slack. With channels for everything from dad jokes to pets to solo quarantining, the company has something for everyone, and it is seeing a high level of engagement across the board.

Volunteering to give back to communities 

Employees work

While Cloudera traditionally has one Global Day of Service each year when employees have the day to volunteer and give back to their communities, in 2020 the company had three. The 2020 theme was Embracing Different Perspectives, and Clouderans were provided with multiple online opportunities to learn, volunteer, and give back.

Employees were also able to participate in important conversations with leading nonprofits tackling the thorniest local and global issues.

"As we keep our fingers on the pulse of our company culture, we continue to roll out new initiatives to help meet our employees’ needs," says Bob Mahan, Chief Human Resources Officer at Cloudera. "We’ll continue to invest in emotional, mental, and physical well-being and keep our workplace culture at the forefront as we move forward, together."

Be part of a company culture that prioritizes its employees

Cloudera employees feel valued and appreciated thanks to the culture the company has created - and is continuing to grow.

A great opportunity is waiting for you - find it at Cloudera.


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