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HCL hosts event with Dutchess of the Sea all-female rowing team

HCL hosts event with Dutchess of the Sea all-female rowing team

 February 08, 2021

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HCL believes that sports have a unique way of breaking down barriers and connecting people together, whether it is through the Manchester United Soccer Schools or supporting the first girls' junior ice hockey league through Team Göta Traneberg in Sweden.

Expanding on this belief, HCL is proud to sponsor the Dutchess of the Sea, one of the first all-female Dutch teams, as they take on the world's toughest rowing race, rowing more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

As part of this partnership, HCL hosts a Meet the Dutchess of the Sea team event.

Being a socially responsible and sustainbility-led business

HCL partnership

Through this partnership, HCL takes another step towards its commitment to being a socially responsible and sustainability-led business.

HCL not only stands together with the four women in their test of tenacity, courage, and teamwork but also support the causes they support through this challenge.

The team raised money for two charities - Plastic Soup Foundation and Stichting ALS Nederland.

"It is an interesting juncture at which the world stands today—there are opportunities to transform at such a scale and accelerated pace that has not been seen before. At the same time, never before has there been a more pressing need to evaluate the way we go about realizing these opportunities," writes HCL on LinkedIn in relation to this partnership. 

"It is now more than ever that the collective of organizations, societies, and individuals must stand united for values, ideas, and approaches that will make our tomorrow better."

Take on exciting challenges with a career at HCL

Through initiatives such as its Dutchess of the Sea partnership, HCL imakes an impact on communities and individuals around the world as they take on challenges - just like HCL employees.

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