Learn about Medtronic’s Leadership program

Learn about Medtronic’s Leadership program

 February 11, 2021

Medtronic’s three-year Leadership Development Rotation Program places MBA graduates in the middle of the action — in strategic positions where they can make meaningful contributions to the lives of patients.

Working across diverse business units and locations

For Medtronic Director Maribel Baker, the MBA Leadership Development Rotation Program helped her get diverse experiences in multiple business units and geographical locations with very different healthcare systems.

“This program directly impacted my career advancement at Medtronic,” she said. “It also helped me realize the advantages of working in a large organization like Medtronic with open opportunities to transfer your skills to different business units.”

Gaining a broader understanding of Medtronic

Moving through two unique assignments, Medtronic’s program enables participants to get a broad understanding of Medtronic and in-depth functional experience. 

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to build a valuable network of peers, managers, and leaders across the company.

Program structure

The program’s first assignments are in Minneapolis where participants receive enterprise-wide experience at the corporate level.

Second assignments are across the United States and align to Medtronic’s Operating Units. These roles prepare participants for understanding Medtronic from a critical business lens, the product and the patient. These roles are often global in nature — working across regions to provide access to products in a variety of regions.

Participants also enjoy rich developmental experiences including functional and peer mentoring programs, functional training, and leadership workshops.

Learn more about Medtronic’s Leadership Develop Rotation Program and how to apply.

Like Maribel, enjoy career advancement at Medtronic

Medtronic is looking for bold thinkers to help us push the boundaries of medical technology who are highly collaborative with excellent communication, leadership, and strategic-thinking skills.

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