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Diageos Maryanne Nderu focuses on grain-to-glass sustainability

Diageo's Maryanne Nderu focuses on grain-to-glass sustainability

 June 10, 2021

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Water stewardship is a longstanding strategic priority for Diageo and it is the company's ambition to replenish more water than it uses in its water stressed areas. Water is Diageo's most important ingredient, but is also a precious shared resource which is coming under increasing pressure in many parts of the world.

This is why Diageo is applying a comprehensive strategy and working closely in partnership with many stakeholders in order to achieve a positive water impact in its supply chains and beyond.

Protecting natural resources for communities in Africa 

Diageo helps positively impacts the communities it serves through clean water projects. 

Grain-to-glass sustainability is about protecting our natural resources at all costs. We must fiercely and fearlessly protect them," says Maryanne Nderu, Sustainability Manager in Nairobi, Kenya.

Maryanne's role at Diageo involves working with communities to come up with water initiatives like boreholes, abolition blocks and earth dams to bring clean and accessible water to all. Diageo's water initiatives have changed the lives of many people, mostly women and children. "When we are able to bring water to these communities, the change is immense," adds Maryanne.

Forging a positive impact on communities

Diageo's strategy builds on the holistic, context-based approach of the past decade – recognising the multiple inter-dependencies between its use of water and the impact on communities, supply chains and the environment. It’s a ‘grain to glass’ approach which supports farmers (especially smallholders), improves water use in the company's operations, replenishes water in water stressed catchments, provides clean water to communities, and strongly advocates for more collective action for a better water world for everyone. 

To achieve this Diageo sets ambitious targets for 2030:

  • 30% improvement in water use efficiency globally and 40% in water stressed areas
  • Replenish all direct consumptive water used in water stressed areas
  • Complete 150 community water projects, including providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene
  • All of our sites in our priority water basins engaged in collective action to improve water security and certified to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard

Work for a company with a sustainable focus

As a sustainable business, Diageo understands it needs to create enduring value.

The company strives to positively impact the communities in which employees live, work, source and sell and protect the natural resources on which everyone depends.

Diageo strives to make sure it is doing business the right way, from grain to glass.

If you want a career that promotes inclusive growth and sustainability, search the latest jobs at Diageo.


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