Northrop Grumman engineers discuss their return to work

Northrop Grumman engineers discuss their return to work

 July 20, 2021

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Gabriella Bean is a principal engineer and operations program manager and Sue Spillane is a manufacturing engineering manager at Northrop Grumman.

Thanks to Northrop Grumman’s return-to-work program, iReturn, Gabriella and Sue relaunched their engineering careers after a break of 22 years and 19 years respectively.

On an episode of iRelaunch, a podcast focusing on professionals returning to work after a career break, Gabriella and Sue women discuss their return to work, whether they feel like they never left and their reflections on when they first relaunched through iReturn.

Listen to the full episode.

Plus, find out more about Northrop Grumman's support for women returners.

Using skills and experience from career break

Whether you left to care for family, pursue additional education, or any number of reasons, Northrop Grumman understands that the challenge of returning to the workforce can be daunting. Its iReturn program is designed to translate the skills and experience that you have developed while taking a career break of two or more years into your career with Northrop Grumman.

Northrop Grumman launched iReturn as a member of the STEM Reentry Task Force, the groundbreaking multi-company return to work collaborative run by the Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch.

Preparing for a full-time career at Northrop Grumman

iReturn provides experienced professionals with a 12-week "returnship" to prepare for a full-time career in one of several fields at Northrop Grumman through training, professional development and networking opportunities.

Qualified applicants join a cohort of employees returning to the workforce after a 2+ career break for this "returnship" program that focuses on giving you a seamless transition back into the workforce.

This cohort program prepares candidates for an effective re-entry into the workforce. Upon completion of the program, candidates will be eligible for full-time roles with the company.

The next chapter is yours at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman supports experienced professionals who have taken a career break of at least two years and assists them to connect with coworkers in an environment that is professional, creative and flexible.

Search the latest iReturn job positions at Northrop Grumman.


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