International Day of the Girl event with Cloudera Carolyn Duby

 October 11, 2021

Cloudera organized a “special edition” meetup to celebrate International Day of the Girl, with a Q&A session and guest speaker Carolyn Duby, Field CTO and Cyber Security Lead at Cloudera.

This Future of Data meetup featured kids of Cloudera employees giving demos on some cool tech they have been working on.

Participants were welcomed to use this inspiration for activities to with the kids in their life.

Discussion with a video game design student

Topic one, entitled 'How I convinced my Mom that video games are not all bad', was a Q&A with a video game design student.

One child, Carson, told the story of their choice of video game development as a career. They reviewed the process for creating and launching a game and described what it is like to study at Northeastern University.

A project in understanding IoT

Topic 2 focused on how to use Apache NiFi on Raspberry Pi, a first project in understanding IoT.

The project saw the setting up of a Raspberry Pi and downloading Apache NiFi, starting a one node cluster and doing a ‘Hello World’ data flow.

Then sensors were attached to the Raspberry Pi and NiFi was used to ingest and view the data in real time.

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