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WSP Ecologist Hannah Bilston reminds about benefits of nature

WSP Ecologist Hannah Bilston reminds about benefits of nature

 October 21, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic re-affirmed for many the value of nature for our wellbeing, but what about the fight against climate change?

WSP ecologist Hannah Bilston explores why nature matters.

"In the past it was assumed that people didn’t appreciate the wide-ranging benefits nature brings, but our research shows they know it helps them in lots of ways. It also shows people want investment in nature close to them – in their local community," she explains.

"Our research shows that although people want investment in nature near them, they perhaps overlook the value of nature in urban environments. In fact, biodiversity can often be higher, and bring more benefits, in a city than in some rural landscapes," she adds.

"For example, a remote conifer plantation of non-native species is likely to have relatively low biodiversity and it’s hard for people to access. But an area of native planting in a city like London can be very biodiverse and also bring health and wellbeing benefits to huge numbers of people – not just those who live in, or who can afford to visit, the countryside."

"As humans, who we are is affected   by our environment, just as our environment is also affected by us," reminds Hannah.

Read the full article featuring WSP ecologist Hannah Bilston.

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