Capgemini cloud expert Nive Bhagat mentors colleagues

Capgemini cloud expert Nive Bhagat mentors colleagues

 November 23, 2021

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Nive Bhagat leads an exciting career in Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) at Capgemini

Her industry is growing - more and more clients are accelerating their move to the cloud, increasing security in the wake of an explosion in cybercrime and enabling Capgemini employees like her to work in new ways.

Driving digital transformation

Nive's role is essentially at the heart of her clients’ digital and business transformations and her day consists of any number of things that help drive these transformations forward.

Through her role, Nive enjoys the immense difference she can make to her clients’ businesses. In CIS, the company has invested heavily in cloud migration, security, and employee services, with more opportunity and growth than ever before. 

Mentoring and coaching women at Capgemini

As well as making a difference to clients, Nive also supports her female colleagues at Capgemini through mentoring and coaching.

"Throughout my career, I have always had strong people there for me to advise, support, and help me on my journey. Not, to propel me in my career, but to listen and suggest directions to take, which helped me a great deal," she explains.

"That’s why I believe it’s essential that we help our women colleagues build a brand for themselves, network more, and be more aware of what is happening. We have done a lot of work in this space for our female talent and our top achievers over the last few years," she adds.

"We have put together a program on coaching and mentoring to ensure that we’re helping them along their career journey, which has started to make a difference. We’re now seeing more women coming up through the promotion panel and be far more visible than they used to be."

Working towards the future you want

Nive believes it is very important for people to set a vision where everybody understands the journey ahead, what’s in it, and what it means to them.

"Many businesses fail to share their vision and purpose and what that means for their people. Once you start to tell the story, it starts to become very clear to your teams," she explains.

Nive realized this late in her working life. She admits to being a "numbers-driven, performance-oriented sort of person" and it's only over the last few years that she's realized that the vision is so important.

"I think that if you set a clear vision and tell people what it means and why, people understand and then can follow with a sense of purpose, pride, and happiness," she adds.

The importance of resilience and adaptability 

Nive shares some pertinent advice for women who may be thinking of joining Capgemini.

Firstly, Nive suggests that it is important to have resilience. Nive's personal definition of resilience is "the ability to bounce back".

"You will always have issues, problems, and setbacks, but it’s the ability to bounce back, to be resilient enough, and to learn from it. I think that’s one thing that has guided me through," she explains.

Applicants also need the ability to constantly adapt. "You are entering the world of technology, this ever-changing industry and business, so be open to constant learning and become flexible enough to work with different people from diverse cultures. But, you will discover it is a great source of innovation and inspiration!" she concludes.

Join talented women like Nive at Capgemini

Inspired by Nive's thoughts? 

Capgemini offers countless opportunities to work with major clients to help solve problems and overcome challenges.

Make your mark in the industry with a rearding career with Capgemini in cloud.


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