Trang Bashore can be creative and innovative at Beam Suntory

Trang Bashore can be creative and innovative at Beam Suntory

 January 10, 2022

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Meet Trang Bashore, and Inventory Manager for Beam Suntory in Clermont, Kentucky USA.

Trang was born in Vietnam and moved to Kentucky via a high school exchange program when she was 15 years old.

“Before I arrived in Kentucky, I thought all of America was like New York City. Instead of lights, skyscrapers and people flooding the streets, it was farms, horses and bluegrass as far as the eye could see," recalls Trang. 

Trang has spent her entire time in the US living in Kentucky. She enrolled in Eastern Kentucky University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA in succession.

Right out of college, Trang joined Beam Suntory as an Accounts Payable Analyst in Louisville. Over the years, she has held roles of increasing responsibility in the supply chain organization, first as a senior financial analyst and now as a manager.

Enjoying her work

In her role, Trang builds models and provides strategic analysis to optimize inventory levels for Beam Suntory’s entire US portfolio, which is approximately 3.2 million cases of products including Jim Beam, EFFEN and Hornitos. Her job is to evaluate the right balance of supply and demand to ensure there are enough products in stock to provide customers without having too much piling up in warehouses.

“I enjoy what I do because it gives me the flexibility to be creative and innovative with how to manage our inventory, and I rely on data to solidify my ideas,” explains Trang.

Female mentorship supports career progression

Trang is grateful for female mentors who have guided her in her career progression in supply chain. When Beam Suntory launched Women Inspired to Strive and Empower (WISE), the Employee Impact Group for women, she immediately joined, and was later selected as a member of the leadership team and spearheaded the education committee. 

“Education is my passion, and I see myself as a lifelong learner,” reflects Trang. 

Understanding gender pay gaps 

Trang's goal is to create programming to increase understanding of gender gaps when it comes to performance evaluation and pay, and to help women find their voice and strengths to best realize their full potential.

During her free time, Trang enjoys gardening and cooking. She’ll occasionally prepare her favorite Vietnamese dishes, including Pho and Bún thịt nướng, which consists of vermicelli noodles, grilled pork and mixed vegetables with sweet & sour fish sauce, which she enjoys with her husband, Trent.

Beam Suntory's female mentors can help your career goals 

Beam Suntory fosters a culture of inclusivity and leverages the power of diversity of thought.

Be inspired by the women working at Beam Suntory.

Check out their latest jobs and start your exciting next career chapter. 


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