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EBRD launches Gender Equality & Equal Opportunity strategies

EBRD launches Gender Equality & Equal Opportunity strategies

 January 17, 2022

With a focus on boosting equality of opportunity and advancing women’s economic empowerment, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) held an online launch event for its new Gender strategies: Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality 2021-2025; and The Equality of Opportunity Strategy 2021-2025.

The Gender Strategies aim to address the impacts of mega trends such as climate change and digitalisation on gender equality, in order to support a just and fair transition for all. The strategies also focus on some of the deep-rooted barriers to women’s full participation in the economy and public life, including the lack of affordable care and the persistent risk of gender-based violence and harassment.

Integrating gender and inclusive measures 


The launch event featured EBRD President Odile Renaud-Basso who discussed the new strategies and how the EBRD looks to integrate gender and inclusive measures in all green projects. 

Odile highlighted that in some countries in the EBRD region, only one third of entrepreneurs are women, while only a quarter of people living in the EBRD regions have ICT skills. "Let’s tackle those gaps NOW," remarked Odile. 

“Our aim is to maximise human capital across the EBRD region, and enable everyone to take part equally in their economies. We will enhance our approach to support migrants, refugees and LGBTI through our investments and policy engagement," she explained.

Expert female panelists  

EBRD gender

Climate activist and CEO of non-governmental organisation Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Mafalda Duarte, joined the EBRD panel to discuss how climate change is expected to exacerbate existing inequalities and how the EBRD and CIF are promoting greener and more inclusive economies. 

Maud de Vautibault from Global Infrastructure Hub also took part in the launch event, discussing gender equality and infrastructure. Maud highlighted that infrastructure is a male-dominated sector, and that women are heavily underrepresented in sectors such as the energy and construction sector.

Digitalisation creates opportunities

Skill Lab Founder, Ulrich Scharf, looked at skills, effective training and the importance of the care economy. "If I’m unemployed and have caring responsibilities for a lot of people, then many training formats just won’t work for me," explained Ulrich.

Meanwhile, digital transformation expert Nassar Kettani spoke with EBRD's Director of Gender and Economic Inclusion, Barbara Rambousek, about important opportunities that digitalisation can create for women, which is a key focus of EBRD's opportunity strategy. 


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