Meet Bazaarvoices Women in STEM scholarship winners

Meet Bazaarvoice's Women in STEM scholarship winners

 March 22, 2022

Bazaarvoice is passionate about telling the stories of women in professional industries and raising awareness of gender inequality in STEM fields. 

Meet the winners of Bazaarvoice's Women in STEM scholarship, which aims to empower the next generation of female technology leaders who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a technical field of study.

Inspiring high school students

Bazaarvoice Environmental Engineering student

“I plan on using my STEM education to teach high school students and inspire them to be bigger than what the current education system expects them to be," says Alexandra, who is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin.  

Enhancing health care systems

Bazaarvoice pharmacy student

“My volunteer and academic research experiences have helped me realize that good health should be a global entitlement for everyone, so my goal is to enhance the health care system for people," says Beauty who is in the Pharmacy field at University at Buffalo.

Helping indigenous tribes

Pharmacy student Bazaarvoice

Hannah is pursuing Nursing at the University of New Mexico, and explains, “Becoming a professional nurse will ensure that I can help indigenous tribes advocate for a better healthcare system."

Embracing the unknown

Astrophysics Bazaarvoice

“STEM has helped my curiosity flourish, it has made me stronger, it has taught me not to fear. Many fear the unknown, fear uncertainty, but I embrace it," says Jailene who studies Astrophysics at Harvard University.

Ready for new challenges

Construction Administration Bazaarvoice

“A degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) enhances my current traits by making me more fearless and ready for new challenges," comments Jamila, who is in Construction Administration at Columbia University.

Making opportunities more accessible

Biology student Bazaarvoice

Megan studies Biology at California Institute of Technology, and explains, "In addition to pursuing research, I hope to teach future scientists with an emphasis on making research opportunities more accessible to underserved minorities."

Pushing for visible representation

Chemical Engineering Bazaarvoice

“What we need is to have more visible representation of women in STEM fields, and upon seeing the example, girls will follow," says Rebecca who is pursuing Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware.

Understanding technology's impact

Computer Science Bazaarvoice

Veronica is specializing in Computer Science at Florida International University. “Technology is becoming increasingly accessible and has the potential to make a lasting and positive impact on the younger generation, and I want to make an impact in this area," she concludes.

Giving back to local communities 

Please join Bazaarvoice in congratulating these extraordinary women!

For the company, culture is founded in character and shared values, which is why Bazaarvoice acts deliberately to support and give back to all the communities its employees live and work in. 

Work for a company that celebrates female talent

At Bazaarvoice employees help brands and retailers find and reach consumers - and win them with the consumer-generated content they trust. 

If you're a smart, curious, results-driven collaborator with an appetite for learning, find your ideal job at Bazaarvoice.


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