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Diageos Ariela Orejuela is passionate about brand impact

Diageo's Ariela Orejuela is passionate about brand impact

 March 28, 2022

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Ariela Orejuela is a Marketing Associate for Diageo North America Whiskey, based in New York, and is passionate about influencing the impact that brands have on society and culture.

Here, she shares her Diageo story.

Determined to succeed in life

When Ariela was 19, married and a new mom to "the most perfect little girl", she worked a full-time job to support her growing family but quickly mastered the art of multitasking.

"I was determined to pursue a BA while being the best mom I could be and let me tell you - it wasn’t easy," she says. "Despite the challenges, it was important for me to show my parents, who immigrated from the Dominican Republic when I was 6 years old, that their efforts to give me a better life wasn’t in vain."

Becoming a full-time student, mom and worker

In June 2017, Ariela graduated from college and obtained her BA in Business & Marketing from Lehman College. "By this time, I was a mother of three girls and to say that juggling being a full-time student, mom and worker was hard is a drastic understatement. There were so many sacrifices along the way all to ensure that I never sacrificed time with my girls," she adds.

Post-graduation, Ariela landed a job as an Executive Assistant., a role that she was incredibly proud of and one that she would do for the next ten years.

Dreams of working in branding

Throughout her job experiences, Ariela has always had dreams of working on a brand and wanting to influence the impact that brands had on society and culture.

"Even though I was passionate about making a pivot to the Brand side, I was always told that making that kind of switch was either nearly impossible or required more experience," she explains.

Working with iconic and influential brands

Ariela received an opportunity to work at Diageo as an Admin Assistant. "Where most would see this as a setback, I took it as an opportunity to be around some of the world’s most iconic and influential brands! In this role, I learned from women that not only empowered me but also supported my hopes to one day transition into Brands," explains Ariela. 

"Today, I’m incredibly proud to say that I’ve been a Marketing Associate at Diageo on the NA Whiskey portfolio! Through my journey, I’ve had the unwavering support from a network of kickass, strong women. This experience reinforced why it’s important for me to be employed at a company like Diageo who’s values and culture align to my own. I’m extremely proud of what we do here and I hope to keep inspiring my girls to never give up."

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