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Catarina Carvalho encourages millennials to apply for WTW jobs

Catarina Carvalho encourages millennials to apply for WTW jobs

 May 09, 2022

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Meet Catarina Carvalho, a Retirement Associate at WTW.

WTW seeks out graduates, current students, or people looking to find a rewarding alternative to university - and has opportunities for smart, talented people to build their careers.

Here, Catarina discusses her role and encourages millennials to consider applying to WTW.

Commencing a role with WTW

"I originally decided to apply because I wanted to start my career at a well-known international company. I was looking for a place where I could utilize my skill set and continue to grow and develop. As a millennial, I know that there are often the fears of not developing and getting stuck in one position once you start a new role: my experience at WTW has been nothing like that! Knowing that I have the opportunity to develop and explore career options has brought me to where I am today. I decided to share my story because I could not be happier with the time I have spent here so far," explains Catarina.

Working in a supportive culture

"Like many people my age, I want to feel challenged in my daily work. While I love that WTW continues to give me challenges and opportunities, everyone is also very supportive. My colleagues are always there to support me through challenges and any learning lessons I may go through," says Catarina.

Future aspirations

"I hope to continue to grow and develop and be able to help other colleagues do the same," suggests Catarina. "I aspire to grow to the level of the amazing, experienced colleagues that we have in the Lisbon Service Center."

Advice for women considering employment with WTW

"I really appreciate everything I have learned and the continuous opportunities I have been given along my journey at WTW,," reflects Catarina.

"One aspect that has specifically made the biggest impression on me are the efforts the company makes when it comes to inclusion and diversity. It really makes an impact and it is changing colleagues’ lives for the better. If you are someone who wants to be a part of a diverse and multicultural organization, as I was, this is the company for you," she concludes.

Considering a career move? Choose WTW. 

WTW believes in equal employment opportunities, and is committed to developing a diverse workforce.

Want to begin a career with a supportive company thriving with opportunity? 

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