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HCL Technologies employees volunteer support for food banks

HCL Technologies employees volunteer support for food banks

 July 21, 2022

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HCL Technologies employees in Romania and Poland came together with the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) to support the Ukrainian refugees and their families by providing food and essential supplies. Activity formed part of HCL's Global Ukraine Appeal to support the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians displaced due to the war.

HCL Technologies is committed to creating an environment of social responsibility via its community engaged employees.

HCL supporting humanitarian needs

HCL food banks

"We are delighted to announce that HCL Technologies has partnered with the European Food Banks Federation - FEBA – a European non-profit organization working to prevent food waste and reduce food insecurity in Europe," says HCL Technologies. "To support the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians displaced due to the war, we initiated our Global Ukraine Appeal, which enabled HCL employees to make a voluntary payroll contribution matched with corporate funding. All funds collected will be donated to FEBA and will support the activities of the local food banks in Krakow and Iasi, where HCL has offices. HCL’s contribution will be instrumental in increasing and strengthening the structural capacity of these food banks, enabling them to support those most affected by the war," said HCL.

HCL employees as engaged volunteers

HCL food banks

"We are grateful to our volunteers for their contribution to this cause," said HCL. 

Supporting a thriving network of food banks in Europe

Established in 1986 and based in Brussels, Belgium, FEBA is a thriving network of food banks in Europe. FEBA strives to reduce hunger and malnutrition through the fight against food waste and the support and development of food banks in countries where they are most needed.

There are 421 food banks serving 4.3 daily meals across 24 countries. FEBA has served 9.3 million people and distributed 781 million kilograms.

Food Banks in Romania and beyond are very active in helping refugees fleeing from Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian Food Bank. Approximately 112 tons of food were collected at national level, from which more than 80 tons were sent to the Ukrainian Food Bank and other partners, while more than 30 tons were used to support the partner 75 NGOs from Romania that take care of over 5,000 refugees coming from Ukraine

In order to keep fulfilling their mission, the Food Banks are running a campaign with the main partners from the retail industry: 110 Lidl stores, 50 Kaufland stores, 40 Auchan stores and 12 Selgros stores. With the support of Lidl Romania and local Romanian companies, the Food Banks were able to send three trucks with food and non-food products as well as several vans in Ukraine, either at the Ukrainian Food Bank or at the Caritas Cernauti Association.

The wave of solidarity coming from the FEBA members in Europe is also very important. The Greek Food Bank sent two trucks of food and hygiene products. The Food Banks in Romania are expecting donations from France, Spain, as well as four trucks coming from the UK and donated by Kellogg Company.

Forging a positive impact on people and the planet

HCL Technologies employees in Romania volunteer

HCL Technologies implements its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda through its CSR arm, the HCL Foundation. Various flagship programmes and special initiatives of the Foundation endeavor to contribute toward national and international development goals, bringing about lasting positive impact on people and the planet through long-term sustainable programmes with thematic focus on Education, Health and Sanitation, Skill Development and Livelihood, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction and Response.

Enabling and empowering employees

Innovation has and will continue to be the force that propels HCL Technologies into the future, and this is most true for the tech industry, as without fresh ideas, there will be no new technology developed to serve humanity in the years to come.

The company believes that every employee has the potential to come up with new products, services, and solutions and thanks to collaborative technologies, doing so has never been easier. The concept of employee innovation is not a new one, but being able to scale it seamlessly across a global company in a dynamic and agile world definitely is.

The culture at HCL Technologies, ideapreneurship™, makes the license to ideate a distinctive organizational capability. It is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the front line.

Ideapreneurship™ puts employees at the forefront of innovation where they innovate and collaborate with each other and with customers to seed, nurture and harvest ideas. This innovation and collaboration culture has given rise to a number of key enablers and tools to bring about a business impact.

Inspired to join an employer making a positive difference?

HCL Technologies is committed to creating a unique employee-led innovation culture.

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