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WSP's Suzanne Giles discusses creating a culture for growth

 August 16, 2022

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WSP's Learning and Development team are specialists in their field, ensuring that employees are able to take their careers from good to great. The company knows that its employees are the driving force, and it provides them with the right conditions to develop their career with WSP.

It matters to WSP that each of its colleagues goes to work every day with curiosity, drive and a sense of purpose.

WSP's Learning and Development Manager, Suzanne Giles, discusses her career with the company. She shares her insights with presenter David Meade and explains how WSP is creating a culture for growth.

WSP's commitment to growth and development

"WSP are really invested in personal development and growth, and we use a number of different ways to help support people learn and grow in this company," says Suzanne.

"We have a dedicated learning and development team who work really really hard to create development opportunities and multiple different types of learning for people, especially kind of technical development, personal and professional development, so we have a dedicated team that do that here," she adds.

The Great Resignation elevated a focus on learning and growing

"I am one of those people that left a company of 14 years about three months ago to come here, so I get what it means and how important it is to try and retain staff," comments Suzanne.

"I think learning and development and growth is a really really useful way of doing that, you're going to retain staff, you're going to develop people, they're going to develop their careers here, and WSP invest an awful lot of time in doing that," she says.

WSP offers world-class learning and development

"The learning and development team here are specialists in this field, and they spend a lot of time researching, bringing evidence, bringing case studies, bringing lived examples to the development programmes that we run, it's really really important," Suzanne explains.

"We also have a team, of which I am part of, within the learning and development function that go and work with teams on collaborative behaviours. So we look at how they're interacting as a team, and we try to develop their collaborative behaviours to make them high-performing teams. So there's lots of different things we do as a team to help aid development. So yes, technical learning is really really important to our business, but so is the behaviours and the collaborative working styles of the teams that are working on major programs," she adds.

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