Impressive women are inducted into the Medtronic Bakken Society

Impressive women are inducted into the Medtronic Bakken Society

 August 23, 2022

Medtronic CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Geoff Martha, announced 14 new members were inducted into the Medtronic Bakken Society — the highest technical honor at the company.

Named after Medtronic's late co-founder, Earl E. Bakken, the Society recognizes elite Medtronic employees who have made momentous contributions to advancing science, technology, and medicine around the globe. The impact of their work is broad reaching — not only influencing healthcare, but other industries and the scientific community at large.

Fewer than 200 people have been inducted into the Bakken Society since it was established in 1979, and in total, Bakken Fellows collectively hold more than 3,400 U.S. patents.

Impressive female talent inducted into Medtronic Bakken Society 

Medtronic Bakken Society

Induction into the Medtronic Bakken Society is an affirmation not only of an individual’s technical expertise, achievements, and scientific contributions, but an unwavering commitment to the Medtronic Mission – to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for patients around the world. This year’s inductees alone are responsible for major advancements in stroke treatment, hernia repair, implantable cardiac defibrillators, and medical device software, to name just a few. 

Latest female employees inducted include:

  • Senior Software Engineering Director, Dianna Miller
  • Distinguished Engineer, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Patty Krantz-Zuppan
  • Senior Principal Engineer, Surgical Innovations, Julie Lecuivre
  • Director of Research, Technology and Clinical Affairs, Medtronic Technology Center, Shanghai, Xin Tang 

An ambition to become a world leader in healthcare technology

The Medtronic CEO says, "Our technical talent – the scientists, engineers, researchers, and clinicians who make up a significant portion of our workforce – are the lifeblood of Medtronic. Their clinical and technical expertise makes it possible to create, scale, and ultimately deliver life-transforming therapies to more than 72 million patients around the world each year – improving the lives of two people every second. They are key to making our bold ambition of becoming the world’s leader in healthcare technology a reality. Delivering on the Medtronic Mission has always been our North Star, and the need to deliver on that Mission feels more urgent than ever. People are living longer, and the number of those living with chronic conditions today far outpaces the number of clinicians able to provide care to them. Technology is key to addressing that gap and driving towards a healthier future for all."

"We are constantly learning more and more about the human body, which is incredibly complex. At the same time, new processes, materials, and algorithms – many of which teams at Medtronic are responsible for developing – are revolutionizing how care is provided. Put these two factors together, and healthcare technology represents a field with virtually unlimited potential. It’s why we must continue to foster a culture that attracts, supports, and celebrates the best and brightest minds, prioritizing innovation and doing the right thing on behalf of patients around the world."

"The 2022 Bakken Society honorees represent the exceptional talent that exists at Medtronic. But they also represent so much more. They, along with their 95,000 colleagues around the world, are working to fulfill our Mission to improve human welfare, and from where I sit, the future looks very bright," concludes Medtronic;s CEO. 

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