Medtronic leader Karen Shehade discusses health equity in podcast

Medtronic leader Karen Shehade discusses health equity in podcast

 August 26, 2022

Medtronic continuously strives to improve access to quality care - an ambition embedded in the company's Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life to more people, in more places.

Driving this mission are talented women leaders such as Karen Shehade, Senior Director, Medical Affairs at Medtronic. 

Ensuring equitable access to healthcare

Karen leads strategic business innovations and partnerships with executive leadership of external healthcare stakeholders.

Karen's work at Medtronic maximizes access to cutting edge medical technologies and clinical solutions to ensure equitable access and superior patient outcomes. She also collaborates across global operating units and functional areas to advance health equity, economic value and quality outcomes.

As co-leader of the Employee Resource Group, Medtronic Women's Network, Karen helps drive programs in professional development, networking and mentoring. 

Discussing Medtronic's approach to health equity

Medtronic leaders

Alongside colleague Dr. John De Csepel, Karen shares thought leadership in a Medical Alley podcast, presented by custom software development company, MentorMate.  

Among the topics of conversation is Medtronic's bottoms-up approach to health equity, meaning working with clients to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing patients. Karen and John also offer suggestions for how companies can help create a scalable health equity effort.

"Thanks Karen and Dr. John for sharing a glimpse at how Medtronic structures health equity work. There is keen interest across Medtronic to break down barriers to care - not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s essential to reach more patients with life-transforming tech," said Medtronic Chairman & CEO, Geoff Martha commenting on the podcast.

Leading healthcare innovator

Medical Alley hosts the world's leading health technology innovation cluster, the highest ranked hospital, and the globally recognized Destination Medical Center. Medical Alley is also home to the nation’s largest private health insurer and more than 1,000 healthcare companies, employing more than 500,000 Minnesotans and millions more worldwide.

Medtronic has close ties to Medical Alley. The company is one of the founding members of the Medical Alley Association, while Medtronic Vice President & General Manager, Sheri Dodd, is a Medical Alley Executive Committee member.

Listen to the full podcast episode featuring Medtronic's Karen Shehade.

Drive health equity in a leadership position at Medtronic

A career with Medtronic offers women the opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives via a wide range of leadership roles.

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