Get to know Clouderas mission and purpose, then see their jobs

Get to know Cloudera's mission and purpose, then see their jobs

 August 31, 2022

Looking to apply for a job with Cloudera?

As with any company it's important to know everything about your potential employer - and corporate social responsibility is a key priority for many companies.

A company's focus on corporate social responsibility sees them support and give back to the communities they serve.

Learn about Cloudera's corporate social responsibility focus

Working at Cloudera is about contributing toward the greater good. 

Did you know Cloudera launched a re-designed and refreshed corporate social responsibility webpage that's packed with insightful information about how the company is dedicated to supporting its employees and global community to reinforce Cloudera’s mission to make data and analytics easy and accessible, for everyone?

Check it out and learn about Cloudera's commitment to corporate social responsibility and the three pillars that guide its initiatives.

An important focus on people

When it comes to people, Cloudera Cares is the company's giving and volunteering program that empowers its people to make a difference in their communities and support the organizations they care most about. These initiatives embody the collective spirit and values of Cloudera employees around the world. Highlights of the program include Matching Gifts, Global Week of Service, Cloudera Cares Ambassador Network, and Dollars for Doers. 

A strong focus on supporting society

When it comes to society, as a company Cloudera's mission is to make data and analytics easy and accessible for everyone. To help realize this ambitious goal, Cloudera partners with leading nonprofit organizations to widen the pathways into tech for underserved communities.

A progressive and inclusive brand

Cloudera is committed to advancing the global conversation around the role companies and technology play in making society a better place for all. As an organization, Cloudera collaborates with its partners, peers, and customers to conduct research, amplify messages and take meaningful action to make a positive impact on its global community.

A purposeful mission

Inspired by Cloudera's mission to make data and analytics easy and accessible for everyone? The company is helping improve access to skills, software and mentorship and is increasing diversity in the technology sector and driving global economic sustainability. A great purpose indeed! 

Work for Cloudera and enjoy a career with impact

Cloudera accelerates digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises. The company helps innovative organizations across all industries tackle transformational use cases and exact real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of data to drive value and competitive differentiation. 

Sound like an exciting focus? A great opportunity could be waiting to work with the best and brightest in the tech industry.

Search Cloudera's latest job vacancies and be part of this great mission.


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