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Find your spark and enjoy a rewarding career with HCLTech

Find your spark and enjoy a rewarding career with HCLTech

 September 28, 2022

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As HCLTech works to propel some of the world’s best-known businesses into the future, it helps candidates at all levels enhance their skills, gain a distinct advantage and supercharge their potential.

Meet HCLTech people

HCLTech embraces great thinking wherever it comes from, regardless of title or position. The spark a colleague brings to the table energizes the company and drives individual growth and mobility.

Every day, more than 210,000 people are creating moments of pride for their industries, clients, teams and themselves. Here’s what some of them have to say about how HCLTech is helping them find their spark.

Meet Adelina-Elena at HCLTech Romania

HCLTech Adenlina-Elena

"I've learned a lot since joining HCLTech, and I look forward to being in an organization where I can continue to grow. I'm lucky to be part of a great team with a wonderful leader and to have the chance to develop personally and professionally every day," explains Adelina-Elena. 

Meet Priyanka at HLCTech India

HCLTech Priyanka

"I'm a living example of HCLTech's promise to empower lives. After my accident, HCLTech made me feel I could still live independently; the entire campus is accessible. From my job interview onwards, I've never been allowed to feel different. Here, "inclusion and diversity" are not words on the corporate agenda; they're part of the company's DNA," attests Priyanka.

Meet Yasmine at HCLTech U.S.A  

HCLTech Yasmin

"I joined HCLTech to further my career doing something I love. At HCLTech, you can express yourself and pursue your career in anything the company offers. I’ve improved immensely in both my personal and professional skills. My time management has skyrocketed and I’m much more confident when speaking in a professional setting," says Yasmine.

Meet Alfisha at HCLTech India 

Alfisha HCLTech India

"Thanks to the Techbee program, I started working at HCLTech after completing my studies. The culture of empathy and encouragement is truly inspirational. I'm proud to work in an organization with such strong human values and to be able to improve the lives of the specially-abled by working on accessibility projects," comments Alfisha.

Meet Guillermena at HCLTech Mexico 

HCLTech Mexico Guilllermena

"I've always been passionate about solving problems. Over the last five years at HCLTech, I've applied this passion to my daily work—from organizing all aspects of essential projects to using my problem-solving skills to face day-to-day challenges," says Guillermena.

HCLTech has a people-centric culture

HCLTech is a globally admired top employer with the global scale employees can rely on.

The company recognizes talent and empower people with new capabilities. It cheers employees on with advice and support as they explore their path in a culture of respect, inclusivity and opportunity.

HCLTech enables its leaders to scale in new domains and territories. The company focuses on next-gen capabilities and talents and provides learning opportunities at all levels.

HCLTech always celebrates those who take the journey.

Supercharge progress at HCLTech 

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