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Diageo champions inclusion through equal parental leave

Diageo champions inclusion through equal parental leave

 October 12, 2022

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Diageo offers an inclusive culture that celebrates people of different gender, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation, social class, educational backgrounds, experiences, mindsets, and more. 

The company champions equal parental leave and is highlighted by Kora Kids, which has unveiled its Paternity League Table. This re-orders Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2022 table to show who ranks top for paternity leave.

"Thank you Koru Kids for highlighting the work we're doing to champion inclusion through equal parental leave, we're proud to be included," said Diageo

Paternity leave is good for women, men, children and society 

Kora Kids commented: "Paternity leave in the UK is a joke. So we’ve taken Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2022 UK list and reordered it based on each company’s paternity leave policy."

"The current laws around paternity leave can have a devastating impact on gender equality. It's not surprising then, that as a childcare provider, an overwhelming majority of people who contact us are mothers. By not giving dads and non-birthing partners enough paid time off, women are forced back into their stereotypes as at-home carers, stunting their future career prospects and earning ability. But paternity leave is good for men, good for women, good for children and good for society. And when paternity leave works, it has a positive impact on the family."

Laying critical foundations for lifelong emotional wellbeing

Korus Kids ethos takes the stance that childhood lays the critical foundations for lifelong emotional wellbeing, and so it wants, via childcare, to provide children with tools they can use their whole life long to flourish on their own unique path, whatever that might be.

Diageo is an equal-opportunities employer 

Diageo's creates an inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued and listened to.

Join Diageo and be part of a company that embraces diversity in the broadest possible sense.

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