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HCLTech CMO Jill Kouri discusses the company's brand refresh

 November 17, 2022

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HCLTech Global Chief Marketing Officer, Jill Kouri, spok with Suresh Venkat on India's global TV network World Is One's new TV show MELT.

Focusing on HCLTech's rebrand, new logo and brand statement, which is, Supercharging Progress, Jill shares how a rebranding exercise can help grow a global B2B brand, and why this was the right time to reveal it. 

Jill also shares insight into her experiences on the nuances of building brands.

Brand advocates for HCLTech 

Jill highlights how employees become brand advocates for the company. "What we embraced at HCLTech as we've relaunched our new brand is we've taken a nod from B2C marketing, and we've become, I believe, more playful, more accessible, more consumer-friendly because we're not only marketing to corporates or clients, but we have 220,000 people inside the organization that we want to feel as brand advocates for HCLTech," she says. 

"We're recruiting thousands of young people day in and day out who are just starting their careers, they're coming out of the world of consumer marketing. They're accustomed to interacting with what they see on social media every day, so B2B and B2C I see the lines really blurring today, and I don't think B2B brands can be successful unless they take a nod and influence from B2C marketing."

Supercharging progress for people, planet and community

Jill also shares how quickly the company rebranding has been adopted by HCLTech employees, and how it serves them. 

"Everyone needs to move fast on their transformation journeys, and during COVID we proved out that we were able to truly get clients where they needed to go more quickly than they've ever moved before. And I think those insights led us to this strong positioning that works, not only for our clients supercharging progress, but also for our own people, and our organization, and the communities that we serve as well as, broad-based, the planet," she says. 

"Out of the overarching positioning, we tightly connected our purpose, which is to bring together the best of technology and our people to supercharge progress. It's very easy, it's all very joined up and connected, and it's very much resonating - just in the weeks since launch - it's rolling off the tongues of our employees easily. I think they're very appreciative of the fact that we are thinking across all four pillars, and the early reactions from our clients are excellent."

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