DXC Technology launches career guidance program in Bangalore

DXC Technology launches career guidance program in Bangalore

 November 23, 2022

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DXC Technology is a community-focused employer, and has launched a career guidance program with United Efforts. The program aims to empower more than 1800 students of 8th – 10th classes from government high schools in Bangalore.

"Industry exposure and agency building are the two driving forces of this 100-hour program," said DXC Technology

Building future careers for students 

DXC Technology Career Guidance

As a part of the program, 88 students from four government high schools who indicated an interest in the Food and Agriculture sector to build their future careers were taken to the University of Agriculture Sciences (UAS) Campus, Bangalore, for a full-day visit.

Students interacted with UAS professors during a guided tour of different departments on the campus. This helped reinforce student interest and career aspirations in the Food and Agriculture sector.

Giving access to guidance and opportunity

There are more than 140 million Lakishes who are devoid of opportunities just because they did not hit the birth lottery. United Effort's endeavor is for these children to have access to guidance and opportunity to transform their ambiguous future to an empowered one.

DXC Technology invests in the community 

Want to feel rewarded at work? 

Work for a community-focused employer like DXC Technology and give something back. 

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