IWD sees Colt reflect on the role of allyship in driving change

IWD sees Colt reflect on the role of allyship in driving change

 March 13, 2023

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Allyship, defined as active support for marginalized groups, is critical for driving change and promoting engagement, job satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Colt Technology Services spotlights allyship as part of its Actioning Inclusion campaign to promote understanding and define its practical application.

For International Women's Day (IWD), Rachel Collins, Head of Diversity & Inclusion for Colt UK, spoke with three colleagues to discuss what they think about allyship, and whether the company is doing enough. 

"I am proud of the Colties who offered me their stories and opinions to mark IWD. Inequality in the workplace affects everyone, so everyone needs to be involved to change it," said Rachel.

Everyone has the ability to be an ally

“To me, IWD gives me a chance to pause, reflect, appreciate and respect all the amazing women I’m surrounded by and their blessed presence in my life," commented Colt Head of Network Sourcing, Danielle Reilly. “IWD gives us an avenue to connect with women and reinforce the message that ‘you can do this’ because it is possible, it’s just sometimes a little bit harder.”

For Danielle, allyship is about getting everyone on board – not just those affected by prejudice. “Everyone has the ability to be an ally,” said Danielle. “Men can be allies to women; cis people can be allies to members of the LGBTQI+ community; able-bodied people can be allies to those with different abilities; economically privileged people can be allies to those who are not.”

Setting targets, goals, and initiatives 

Colt allyship

Rachel asked Danielle what the future looks like at Colt.

Colt has set transparent targets, goals, and diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. Doing so will increase the accountability of people in leadership positions, encourage honest conversations between Colties and their bosses, and inspire them to share ideas and solutions. I see a greater diverse leadership and Colt management team in the future.”

As Danielle explained, it’s not only women who should beat the drum of allyship, nor only once a year at events like IWD.

Understanding the urgency of allyship 

To Alessandro Galtieri, Vice President of Corporate Law at Colt, ignoring differences wasn’t enough.

“I used to think treating everyone equally was an adequate solution to preventing prejudice. Now I understand the need and the urgency of positive action and allyship," said Alessandro.

Alessandro goes on to tell Rachel that he has faith that Colt’s I&D efforts – having been built into Colt’s DNA – will positively impact allyship at this digital infrastructure company.

Making work more inclusive and diverse

Paul Hiscocks, Regional Service Delivery Director, is wholly aware of how his demographic – and his commitment to allyship – is where it’s needed most.

“Being an ally is the most important thing I can do as a white male in making work more inclusive and diverse. Whether I like it or not, I am in a privileged position, so to promote equity for women, people of ethnic groups, people with disabilities, and people of all gender and sexual orientation is massively important. Above all, on a moral and humane level, but also, the best teams that I have been a part of inside and outside of work are those where everyone has a voice and is heard, and feels comfortable to speak up; I can contribute to the group and is truly a part of it," explained Paul. 

Colt Technology Services champions diversity in the workplace 

Colt Technology Services knows a truly inclusive environment can only be built with the help of everybody within it.

The company invests in training its people - addressing unconscious biases, and empowering them to create a culture of care and belonging.

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