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DHL actively celebrates the diversity of its employees

DHL actively celebrates the diversity of its employees

 April 18, 2023

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With 590,000 employees working in 220 countries, DHL is one of the world's largest employers in its industry.

DHL consistently provides a safe, inclusive and engaging working environment for its employees.

Following its ambition to create a sense of belonging for all, DHL regularly celebrates the diversity of its employees across the globe. One such occasion each year is Ethnic Equality Month

Recognizing unique differences of DHL employees

DHL is made up of many cultures and many individuals with their own characteristics and behaviors. Collectively, this diversity makes the company strong and as international as only few companies are. DHL works hard to create an environment where every individual can keep learning, keep growing, and enjoy a rewarding long-term career.

As a company powered by people, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) is a topic that goes to the heart of everything that DHL does. By actively promoting DEIB, DHL develops its best workforce, drives innovation, and enables its people to make a difference through their contributions.

DHL continuously strives to create an inclusive and equitable workplace where employees can thrive and be their authentic selves every day.

The importance of equality

DHL leaders believe in employees

Social inclusion is critical to democratic stability and requires participation by all stakeholders, including central and local governments, law enforcement, multilateral organizations, civil society, businesses, and academia.

Recognizing similarities people have, and also acknowledging, appreciating and respecting differences, is key.

Join an employer that celebrates the diversity of its people

DHL's culture, values, and the way its employees work together as a team, means everyone feels valued and rewarded for their contributions.

In a global business like DHL's, the career opportunities are exciting and endless.

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