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DHL GoTeach mentoring program empowers young women

 April 24, 2023

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To celebrate International Women's Day, DHL proudly showcased its GoTeach programme which offered an empowering workshop for 100+ girls ahead of the Cape Town E-Prix.

Over an action-packed few days,DHL was joined by a panel of inspiring female figures including Naomi Schiff to discuss their careers and offer insight into the opportunities available in the industry for young women.

DHL’s GoTeach programme aims to improve employability by equipping young people with the skills and professional interactions needed to prepare them for the world of work.

Be open to change 

Speaking at the event, Racing Driver & Motorsports Present, Naomi Schiff, said: "I was about 12 when I started racing and at first, I was a bit nervous because when I got to the racetrack there weren't very many girls, and there were definitely no girls of color. So if you see that you this passion of yours isn't working, be open to change. Plan B might be the better plan."

One of the young women attending the workshops said: "We are growing as women to be broader and more bold and more courageous. This is a symbol of our team."

Offering great opportunities 

"The GoTeach program is a mentorship program," says DHL Sales Support & GoTeach Alumni, Dominicia Killa.

"This program really brought a lot of great opportunities and contributed to my career.  I learned that women are much stronger than they think, and they could do anything in the world if they want to," commented another participant. 

"For me just thinking that we can have an impact on these people that then will really have a ripple effect on these local communities. Through the system of care education therapy they actually have the chance to have a brighter future. It's really heartwarming to see their drive their passion and their creativity," shared ABB FIA Formula E Sustainability Director, Julia Palle. 

DHL empowers women in the workplace and beyond 

Feel empowered in the workplace through a career with DHL that actively women in the workplace and community. 

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