Kristie Grinnell shares how DXC is an employee-centric environment

Kristie Grinnell shares how DXC is an employee-centric environment

 May 17, 2023

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DXC Technology previously committed to reinventing the workplace for its employees. It became a virtual-first organization dedicated to creating a new employee experience that leverages the best technology to drive teams’ productivity and satisfaction.

Empowering employees to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly

In the paper, Put the Employee Experience First with a Modern Workplace, DXC Technology described its route to delivering a personalized, friction-free workplace experience that empowers employees to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly and securely on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Kristie Grinnell then joined DXC as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, taking on the responsibility of moving the mission forward. Here, Kristie provides her perspective on how DXC’s journey to delivering an employee-centric environment has evolved.

Easy for people to do their job

DXC Christie Grinnell

"The overall vision is to get to Digital DXC. That means we have an employee experience where the tools just work, where the information people need is at their fingertips—where it’s easy for them to do their jobs," explains Kristie.

"To accomplish that we need systems and processes to talk to each other all the time to get the data to guide us in addressing pain points and getting people productive faster by giving them access to the services and knowledge they need, when they need them, in a one-stop shop. [DXC Technology was created from a merger and acquisition, so our tools, systems and processes don’t always seamlessly talk to each other.]

"When employees don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do something, they can switch to delivering for the customer."

Understanding the user experience

When looking at opportunities to further enhance employees’ experience, Kristie highlights how DXC Technology works really hard to understand the user experience by measuring sentiment and perception data that it acquires right at the point an employee is getting a service. "That lets us continuously get new data to act on," she says. 

"We're also really taking things to the next level as we refresh our knowledge articles," continues Kristie.  

"There should be a knowledge article to answer any question to help users take action themselves. When our data shows that isn't the case, we need to act. For example, if we look at the data about support requests coming into the service desk and see that 10% of those tickets are on the same topic, and we haven’t covered it in UPtime, let’s get that information into the knowledge base. We want to be able to answer our employees’ questions about multiple issues. For instance, we don’t want them to have to figure out whether they need to go to our HR or finance platform to get something done."

Creating an engaging and effective employee experience

Offering advice to CIOs about creating an engaging and effective employee experience, Kristie suggests: "The first is to understand the way your business works—its end-to-end business processes and value streams to govern services around. The second is to get continuous employee feedback. We have our experience metrics but also ongoing surveys and listening sessions. In IT we are encouraging our people to better understand the problems our business partners have so that we can resolve them better. Third, lean in with a high-performing IT organization that really wants to add value for employees and the company. Our IT people are accountable for meeting metrics for very specific goals that are aimed at this. Finally, constantly innovate, evolve and think about that “next thing.” Some things will be small, continuous improvements like a process change. Others might be a major overhaul to a process or data or technology. Be curious—always ask the “what if” questions."

Providing super service and innovation 

Kristie leads DXC's global IT strategy and operations, is responsible for integrating and streamlining systems, implementing new digital capabilities to improve performance and efficiency, and ensuring the stability of DXC’s global IT infrastructure, all with the goal of enabling the company to provide superior service and innovation to its customers worldwide.

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