Meet DXCs Chief Data & Analytics Officer Srijani Dey

Meet DXC's Chief Data & Analytics Officer Srijani Dey

 June 15, 2023

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Meet Srijani Dey, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at DXC Technology.

Srijani leads advisory, solutions, and innovation teams to accelerate data modernization journeys and is recognized as one of 50 Data and Analytics professionals by OnCon. 

"Analytics is all about getting insights at the right point in time, at every node of a data value chain," shares Srijani. 

Data and Analytics professional

DXC Srijani Dey

Srijani heads the Center of Excellence, comprised of advisory, solutions and innovation teams, that is responsible for establishing strategies, roadmaps, overall technical direction, innovation and enablers to assist and accelerate data modernization journeys. She is also responsible for directing the engagement of technologists with business and IT leaders challenged with business transformation.

Srijani is recognized as a leader in the Worldwide Women's Association (WWA). She has published several white papers and thought leadership articles including Defining a data strategy and To tackle data science challenges, think like an entrepreneur.

Impressive female thought leader 

She has represented DXC Technology and spoken at numerous conferences on topics such as how to evolve to a profitable analytics portfolio and data-product-based value stream mapping, and won a DXC Award for Technical Excellence.

“Technology is no longer an impediment to realize business benefits; we have the ability to enable initiatives that impact and accelerate data and analytics value realization," shares Srijani.

"Analytics is all about getting insights at the right point in time, at every node of a data value chain. So architect for change and nourish disruptive innovation in this age of exponentially accelerating technology. Emphasis on data-insights-based business outcomes should be in our muscle memory."

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