John Deere supports youth education for careers in agriculture

John Deere supports youth education for careers in agriculture

 August 22, 2023

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John Deere is an employer that actively helps engage youth to participate in the agricultural field - and key educational opportunities can certainly serve to inspire children about future possibilities.

John Deere, Global Manager Brand Licensing, Lauren Willis, said the company was focused on raising the awareness of agriculture in the next generation and to encouraging young people to seek out careers in the industry. As such John Deere has sponsored FarmCraft, an excellent Minecraft game.

“John Deere places a significant focus on youth education as a means to increase the number of students interested in pursuing college degrees and careers in agriculture,” said Global Director, Brand Licensing, Lauren Willis. “Our team sees FarmCraft as a fun and unique way to introduce the industry to a whole new generation of young people."

FarmCraft is a great way to "start 'em young" - a latest version introduces players to modern agriculture with missions like planting and using advanced technology to make informed decisions. Activities include using an educational and adventurous farming simulator and farming machines.

Users can explore the secrets of soil in FarmCraft 2 while learning about agriculture and the amazing wonders of farming through this new world. 

What a brilliant way for young girls to engage in STEM!

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