DXC Technologys Samantha Marinus joins Global Women

DXC Technology's Samantha Marinus joins Global Women

 September 22, 2023

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DXC Technology Consulting & Analytics Managing Partner for New Zealand, Samantha Marinus, has been selected to join Global Women, a New Zealand-based organization that empowers women with top-tier leadership programs. 

Building awareness of STEM opportunities 

"I am passionate about creating an Aotearoa that is open to all New Zealanders. To provide opportunities and experiences that are equal for any gender. Giving communities a helping hand in entering work forces without bias," shares Samantha. 

"I am actively building awareness of STEM opportunities that are not based on gender. Providing role models for women that are immigrants, mothers, partners, and students. I aim to demonstrate to my daughters and others that women can reach global executive leadership positions in STEM."

Championing diversity in leadership 

Global Women’s mission is to catalyze New Zealand’s social and economic success by championing diversity in leadership.

The organization's dream is for New Zealand to be the best country to live, work and play; a prosperous nation underpinned by diverse leadership. Meanwhile, its purpose is to increase diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand through promoting, encouraging and facilitating the development of women.

"We want to see New Zealand’s ethnic diversity represented in leadership across the country with Māori represented and recognized as our country’s first people," says Global Women. 

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DXC Technology provides and supports many leadership opportunities to women. 

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