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AECOM encourages women back to work via Apprentice Plus

AECOM encourages women back to work via Apprentice Plus

 February 20, 2018

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AECOM knows that the power to create innovative solutions and be the best is connected to its ability to attract, develop and manage diverse teams. AECOM is working hard to create a truly inclusive culture, one where every voice is heard and one that attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds bringing different perspectives, ideas and working styles.

As part of this, AECOM is introducing a new scheme designed to tap into a new group of potential employees – namely those people, often women, who have delayed the start of their career or who want to refocus their career after a break.

Never too late to start a new career

In 2018, AECOM is opening up its apprenticeship programme to those people who might be looking for a career change or starting their career at a later point in their life.

Apprentice Plus is targeted at people who have been out of the workplace for some time and want to refocus their career or start a career for the first time.

Concerned that you have left it too late to start a new career journey? Worried that you don’t have the right qualifications? AECOM’s Apprentice Plus programme is open to anyone, regardless of age, qualifications or experience and provides the appropriate support and guidance to help people kick start a new career whatever their circumstances.

AECOM’s Apprentice Plus is an apprentice programme with a difference. It offers a flexible working approach from the outset to allow people to balance home commitments with their wish to invest in their own career.

Following completion a short period of time working in the business, AECOM will fund an apprenticeship training course starting in September 2018. Participants must commit to attending college for one full day per week and then a minimum number of hours a week in the office.

The type and length of the college course will depend on levels of experience and AECOM will also provide in-house training and development to support the return to the workplace.

The scheme is initially being run in AECOM's St Albans office, with a view to being rolled out on a wider basis in 2019.

How to apply for AECOM Apprentice Plus 

If this opportunity sounds ideal for you, take a look at these two apprentice plus roles in Building Services Engineering and Traffic Engineering with AECOM's St.Albans team.


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