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Forbes announces the 2019 Best Employers For Diversity

Forbes announces the 2019 Best Employers For Diversity

 January 28, 2019

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Forbes, in partnership with market research company Statista, has released its second annual ranking of America's best employers for diversity. The list shows organizations that are fostering workplace cultures that support and welcome all employees. 50,000 Americans took part and rated their organizations on things like age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientatio,n equality and general diversity. Statista also asked respondents belonging to minority groups to nominate organizations other than their own. The final list ranks the 500 leading employers who not only received the most recommendations, but also have the most diverse boards and executive ranks, and the most proactive diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Here are some of the impressive employers Where Women Work loves to celebrate.

MetLife delivers many initiatives driving diversity

Holding an impressive place at number 186, diversity truly drives success at MetLife. MetLife has lots of initiatives year round that are dedicated to Cultural Fluency, development of women, people with disabilities, veterans, LGTBQ and families. 

"Diversity is about the differences and similarities that affect you as an individual, as a consumer, as a shareholder and as an employee. Inclusion is an action - it is the commitment to ensure that everyone, as they walk into our offices, is valued, respected and truly recognized for their individuality," explains Elizabeth Nieto, Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at MetLife.

MetLife's recognition by Forbes includes: Best Employers for Diversity 2019, Just Companies 2019, Best Employers for New Grads 2018, Best Employers for Women 2018, Global 2000 2018, America's Largest Public Companies 2018, America's Best Employers 2018.

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Amazon encourages every employee to bring their whole selves to work

Amazon is perhaps one of the most recognisable brands in the world with an internal culture that encourages every employee to live their truth. With more than 200,000 staff worldwide, working at Amazon means living and breathing a way of life that supports diversity and inclusion at its core. With impressive women as part of the Amazon family, such as Katie George, named as an ethnic minority future leader and Klara Poulova who is encouraged to bring her authentic self to work thanks to Amazon's global LGBT+ network, Amazon's place on America's Best Employers for Diversity at position 251 is truly deserved. 

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Strong female leadership at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a strong performer across Forbes lists, including holding positions on America's Best Employers for Women and and Worlds Best Employers. This year, it has been ranked at position 383 for its commitment to workplace diversity. With more than 153,000 staff worldwide, Schneider is a strong advocate for women across the business, including in top leadership roles. With an impressive woman at the helm of American operations, Annette Clayton, CEO and President of North America operations, is one of the most senior female execs in the world's energy industry and strong encourages women to establish careers in energy. 

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BD welcomes employees from all over the world

BD is a progressive employer with inclusion and diversity firmly at the top of the agenda. As well as the impressive achievement of making the list of America's Best Employers for Diversity, BD was also honoured by Forbes as a top corporate citizen for their commitment to gender diversity and World's Most Innovative Companies. BD has strategies in place to welcome a diverse workforce from all over the world, such as Priyanka Chilveri, a junior project manager at BD, who has thrived in her career after moving from India to pursue an exciting international career.

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Arcadis recognises the value of difference

At position number 478 on Forbes's list, it is clear that Arcadis has well and truly earned its title as one of America's Best Employers for Diversity. Arcadis recognises the value of difference and encourages their people to be themselves at work, embracing an open and unique outlook on life from every one of their employees. Arcadis knows that the best creative and innovative thinking for their clients comes from individual diversity and a supportive dynamic work environment. Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of how Arcadis improve quality of life and they work closely with their people across six areas: Age, Disability, Faith, Gender, LGBT+ and Race. 

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AECOM challenges outdated gender stereotypes

The construction industry has a typically low female intake, but AECOM is working hard to ensure that it drives gender diversity in the workplace. AECOM has made impressive progress in recruiting women graduates through its new programme. In 2018, the gender split of its UK and Ireland graduate intake was almost equal, with an impressive 43% of female intake. 

"These figures are really exciting and I can’t wait to see the fresh thinking and creativity this mix of graduates will bring," says Roma Agrawal, Associate Director of buildings and places at AECOM. "An ongoing programme, the company won’t stop until it is fully satisfied its workforce represents the communities it serves. One of the biggest challenges to recruiting more women into our sector is outdated stereotypes about jobs in construction, so dispelling these myths and exciting girls about fun and rewarding career opportunities from an early age is key."

"Working towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce will speed up progress and lead to better outcomes for everyone in construction," adds Roma.

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Northrop Grumman leverages the power of differences

Alongside its impressive place on America's Best Employers for Diversity, Northrop Grumman also earned their spot on America's Best Employers for Women, highlighting the companies ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Meyonka Gray is a Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman who believes that, in a world where it is imperative to create products that are ground-breaking, the key to providing the most radical solutions with the resources we have is not time or money, but people and the diversity of their backgrounds. "Let’s face it - we are all different from one another within generations, gender and race. Leveraging the power of our differences is what will take us to a better tomorrow and make our company and our workforce stronger," says Meyonka.

Join talented women like Meyonka at Northrop Grumman.

Women in power succeed at Eaton

Headquartered in Ireland, with more than 98,000 employees globally, Eaton is one of the world's leading energy corporations and truly shine in supporting women to progress their careers in all areas across the business. Alongside their impressive place on America's Best Employers for Diversity, Eaton also earned their 2018 spot on America's Best Employers for Women, highlighting the companies impressive commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

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