Priyanka is a junior project manager at BD who received valuable support when she moved abroad for work

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BD helps employees from all over the world feel at home

BD helps employees from all over the world feel at home

Priyanka Chilveri, a junior project manager at BD, made the brave step to move abroad for work, bringing her husband and child with her. Priyanka shares some valuable insights about moving to a different country for work and how BD and its supportive workplace culture made the change easier. 

An international career path

Priyanka is from a city in India called Hyderabad where she lived for 24 years. Priyanka recalls Hyderabad's long history, its climate, culture, food, and warm people. Priyanka also adds that Hyderabad is known for its high-tech software and pharmaceutical industries, which was valuable for her later career with BD.

Once she left Hyderabad 24 years later to study for her Masters in Germany, Priyanka has pursued a career that has taken her to many different countries. She worked in London as a project engineer, but then decided to return to further studies to enrich her experience. So she chose Kemmy Business School in University of Limerick to undertake a Masters in project management.

"I knew it was going to be a huge change to be a student again but, considering the future prospects, I was confident and happy about the move. My husband and child moved along with me," says Priyanka.

Achieving one of her career goals

Working in project management was one of Priyanka's aims in her career journey. And she achieved that straight after her Masters, with a job with BD in Limerick as a junior project manager as part of the medication and management solutions business unit. And Priyanka, with her experience of companies in India and Europe, can confidently say that BD is one of the best places to work.

"The thing that has impressed me the most is the work-life balance and the help I received from BD’s management and my co-workers," explains Priyanka. "I also like working with a medical company because you get the satisfaction of working on projects that will improve people’s health."

Of course, the job is not without its own unique challenges, particularly due to the responsibilities of the industry, which Priyanka admits can often be stressful.

"But what I like about the job is that we all work together and help each other out. Every day, I learn something new and there are many opportunities to develop and improve," adds Priyanka.

Starting a new life and career

Not only was Priyanka starting a new job, but she had to move to a new country - and she treated this with astute practicality by making sure her and her husband did some prior preparation. This included research into what it is like to live in Ireland, forging contacts and a support network, finding a place to live, and finding childcare for her infant. But it was thanks to this support network that Priyanka was able to assimilate quickly into her new life. 

"The biggest surprise was finding out how friendly and fun the people are. Irish people are very curious to know about my culture and where I come from. Limerick city also comes with many surprises. We particularly enjoy the events in the city, such as the St Patrick’s Day festival, which is one of my favourites," says Priyanka.

"I find the people to be very friendly, helpful and empathetic. I also made some good friends during my time in University of Limerick, and that really helped to make my studies enjoyable."

Receiving support from BD

And it's also thanks to BD that Priyanka has come to call Ireland her home.

"BD recruits candidates from all over the world and works hard to help them settle in. The working environment and atmosphere in the office are always pleasant and comfortable, and that really helps to make me feel at home here," explains Priyanka.

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