BD provides a flexible, comprehensive and personalised service to help you move abroad for work

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Forge an exciting international career with help from BD

Forge an exciting international career with help from BD

New year, new career, new opportunities - new country? As a global organisation, BD is used to people moving from location to location. So, if you're looking to move abroad for work, BD is the best company to help you forge an exciting international career.

Providing a personalised service

BD understand that moving abroad is a big challenge, whether you are single or moving with a family, so BD's goal is to make the move as stress-free as possible. The company's relocation package is well above market average and provides a comprehensive, flexible and personalised service to meet your unique needs. 

BD offers core services and a range of personal selections to give you tailored support for a successful transition. BD will also give you a dedicated relocation assistant, so help is only ever a phone call away.

Helping with all aspects of the move

If you want to move abroad for work, BD can help you with:

  • Visas and immigration
  • House hunting and local services like banking and utility connections
  • The shipping of your household goods, including moving costs and customs or import duties
  • The cover of travel costs for you and your dependent, plus any in-transit living expenses
  • Temporary accommodation for a set number of days
  • A relocation allowance 
  • A pre-travel tax briefing to help you understand your commitments
  • A Tax Consultant to help you with the tax returns process
  • Online cultural orientation and online language lessons for you and your partner

International employees

Priyanka is a junior project manager at BD, who moved from India to Ireland with her husband and child to work for BD - and it couldn't have been an easier transition, both professionally and culturally.

"BD recruits candidates from all over the world and works hard to help them settle in. The working environment and atmosphere in the office are always pleasant and comfortable, and that really helps to make me feel at home here," explains Priyanka,

Meanwhile, Ranjani moved from the United States to Ireland, and was helped every step of the way by BD.

"I had people help me find a place to stay and I lived with a teammate while I was apartment hunting, which made my first few weeks here very comfortable and welcoming. It took me around two weeks but I found a very pretty apartment in the city centre," says Ranjani.

"I find that people here are really warm and welcoming and that makes my day-to-day life really fun and easy."

Make your big move today with BD

BD has a wealth of career opportunities available for talented women around the world. Search and apply for your next career move today. 


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