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Celebrating interns and the value they bring to prime employers

Celebrating interns and the value they bring to prime employers

 July 23, 2019

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The last Thursday of July each year is National Intern Day in the US – a holiday dedicated to recognizing and celebrating interns as the future leaders of the world. Facilitated by WayUp, an organization which empowers employers to recruit college students and graduates for internships without scaling their teams, the event always generates plenty of interest.

There is no better time than National Intern Day for companies to show their interns that they care! Here at Where Women Work, we’ve taken the opportunity to cover some prime employers for women from across the globe and offer a sneak-peak at what their exciting internship programs have to offer.

84.51° truly values its interns and offers exciting work

The 84.51° Internship Program is a 10-week immersive opportunity over the summer that allows students to gain real work experience while learning the ins and outs of 84.51°’s business and culture. The really exciting news is that those who succeed during the internship will have a full-time position waiting for them in 84.51°’s Development Program after they graduate.

84.51° truly appreciates its interns – and to show that appreciation the company held a Partner Meet & Greet Lunch. Interns were invited to ask questions to 10 of 84.51°’s leaders. Some questions included: “What do you see as disruptors in the retail space?”, “How did you find your method of leadership?” and “How did you get to where you are in your career?”

Find out more about this exciting program.

AECOM rewards big thinkers with amazing internship opportunities 

AECOM gives interns the resources to turn knowledge into limitless potential. In an environment where everyone thinks big, interns share ideas with inspiring colleagues and discover the support they need to build their careers while balancing their personal and professional aspirations

AECOM shows interns what happens when people, ideas and perspectives connect working on important projects like clean water for developing communities, iconic skyscrapers that swell a nation’s pride, power and security to fuel economic prosperity, and transportation that brings people together.

Click here to discover more about AECOM’s internships.

Amazon's Women's Internship Network in Operations leads to rewarding careers

Amazon's Women's Internship Network in Operations (WIN-In-Ops) is a complementary program to EMEA Operations student internships that are usually three to six months long.

The program aims to encourage women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to explore careers in Operations, an industry where women are traditionally underrepresented, by creating a development circle and network for women interns.

Amazon hires ambitious, results-orientated graduates: they train interns in all the skills needed to manage teams and drive results in a world-class operations network. Read more about Amazon’s amazing intern opportunities.

Interns at Arcadis can take their careers to new heights

Ongoing professional development and coaching means Arcadis interns constantly grow, develop and participate in programs designed to take their careers to new heights.

Sarah joined Arcadis as an intern in 2015 and found the marketing team very welcoming. "I admirably look up to all of them to try to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can from their advice and experiences,” she commented. “I have decided to continue embarking on this journey of knowledge and am now working as a part-time employee for Arcadis." 

Arcadis looks for bright sparks – people who don’t just want to hone their skills, but who want to use them to change the world for the better. Check out these 10 reasons why young people should consider an internship with Arcadis.

Capgemini work experience exposes young people to the world of IT

Capgemini wants to inspire more young people to choose a career in IT, or to leave education with the best IT skills they can.

Capgemini offers the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones, so work experience with Capgemini is ideal for young people looking to start understanding the tech sector and what a professional workplace is like.

Capgemini wants people who are passionate about technology. People who are excited by the prospect of learning about the tech sector and making a real impact even in a short space of time. Learn more about Capgemini’s work experience opportunities.

A Diageo internship offers valuable career experience

Diageo interns need to be driven, curious to learn, enthusiastic and open-minded as well as being ready to take the initiative and immerse themselves in new and challenging projects.

Every year Diageo offers full-time, paid internships in North America for students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Science or Business/Supply Chain.

Working at its Brand Technical Center in Plainfield, IL, interns have the opportunity to learn about roles in Procurement, Liquid Development, Package Engineering, Commercialization, Sensory Science, Engineering, Compliance, Quality, Manufacturing, Customer Care and Supply Planning. 

Learn more about Diageo internships - a fantastic way to get to know the business.

Eaton offers internship programs across a range of specialisms

Eaton's internship and co-op programs offer hands-on experience that includes networking and coaching. Assignment length can vary and may require geographic flexibility. And, at the end of the internship, participants could be candidates for entry-level positions or one of Eaton's leadership development programs.

Eaton internship opportunities offer a challenging and rewarding experience where interns can make a real difference. Find out more

Exciting internship opportunities are on offer with EBRD 

EBRD advertises regularly for internship opportunities, rather than recruiting at a specific time of year. These roles provide a great insight into the Bank’s work and can lead to a long-term career at the EBRD.

Internship opportunities may arise for students of economics, banking and finance, business administration, law, human resources and the sciences. Applicants should normally be studying at postgraduate level, or have just completed their undergraduate programme. Studies should either be in progress or have been completed within the last 12 months. Read more about internships with EBRD.

Internships at F5 lead to amazing US careers

F5 intern

F5 Networks offers summer internships where interns work in collaboration with senior engineers and designers who are eager to share their knowledge.

In addition to participating in an interesting project, interns are invited to F5's Seattle, WA headquarters to join in on a three day ‘Boot Camp’. At this event, they have the opportunity to learn details about F5's most successful products. There are also plenty of social events, allowing participants to get to know leaders throughout the F5 organization as well as their fellow interns. Take a further look at F5’s internship options. 

Medtronic offers rewarding Business and Engineering internships

Medtronic offers some truly exciting internships for ambitious undergraduates that want to learn together, grow together and succeed together.

Interns work alongside talented professionals to solve problems, improve processes, create new products, and empower customers. Medtronic offers robust internship experiences and full-time opportunities – in the areas of Business and Engineering – in many of the countries where it operates. Discover more.

Northrop Grumman internships are exciting and generate pride

Northrop Grumman intern quote

Northrop Grumman is celebrating National Intern Day by allowing its interns to take over the reins of the company’s social channels next week! This is one of many ways in which an internship at Northrop Grumman is unique. Sure, interns learn new skills, explore their enterprise, network with experts, connect with thought leaders, and finish with a resume that opens doors. But they gain something even more valuable: pride in what they’ve done.

Interns at Northrop Grumman make significant contributions and often find themselves gaining hands-on experience and working alongside a team of innovators while doing some amazing things. Discover more information.

Excellent internship opportunities at Schneider Electric

Internships at Schneider Electric offer young people the opportunity to boost their careers through exciting assignments.

Internships are a critical first rung on the career ladder. With assignments in a wide array of fields, Schneider Electric offers exciting internships perfectly suited to each intern’s training. Participants also benefit from the support and guidance of a mentor and acquire: contacts through on-the-job networking, initial work experience, and references to boost their career. Find out more.

The University of Sheffield's internship scheme is full of opportunity

The University of Sheffield's Graduate Internship programme is a paid, full time placement available to students who have graduated from an Undergraduate course from the University of Sheffield within the last academic year. 

The programme lasts for six months and is paid. Alongside undertaking an exciting project-based role within a university department, interns benefit from a dedicated skills development programme with their fellow graduate interns which helps improve their graduate employability. Learn more about the university’s internships today.


Kick-start your career as an intern with a prime employer for women

The employers listed above all offer an array of exciting opportunities for women looking to launch their careers. Why not take a further look and consider an internship with a company committed to helping women to thrive in the workplace?

Find out more

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